HELP!!! Is this Box Gris Pale or Gris Tourterelle?

  1. Hello experts! I have just been told that my box kelly elan is gris pale rather than gris tourterelle. :confused1:Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? Is my bag indeed gris pale? The pic of gris pale in the reference section has disappeared.

    I think Katel has a box gris pale birkin. :sos:Katel paging Katel :sos:

    1644 edited.JPG

  2. LTC, I wish I could help you, but whatever color it is, it is incredibly stunning and I LOVE your Sulfures pochette--perfection. The color does look a tad lighter than gris tourterelle but I don't think I've seen GT in box yet.
  3. I'm sorry I don't know the answer but I love both the bag and that gorgeous Sulfures scarf :heart:
  4. I believe it's Gris Pale. I don't recall Gris T coming in Box Calf. The one person I know has Gris Pale in a Kelly is Grands Fonds. Your Kelly Elan is out of this world! I want!!!!!
  5. Gris tortourelle is obviously grey. Gris pale, well, think of it as white with a hint of grey. I'm leaning towards gris pale because your bag is so light.
  6. Whatever color it is, it's TDF!!!:love:
  7. OH, LtoC, what a GORGEOUS addition to your already STUNNING collection - many congratulations!!

    It looks just like my gris pale Birkin; here are outside and inside shots: (p.s. I have this same sulfures pochette! I kept it to tie on my gris pale Birkin - twins! :tender: )
    outside8a.JPG outside4b.JPG 10.jpg 12.jpg
  8. Beautiful kelly elan, LTC!
  9. I would agree with the gris pale. tourterelle is a bit darker, and clearly grey.
  10. Oh that Kelly Elan is just so beautiful.
    I would guess gris pale too. Croissant has a gris pale Kelly but the leather is Clemence. I remember it looked quite pale in the picture.
  11. LTC, I love that bag!!! :smile:
  12. Oh ltc a gorgeous scarf and Kelly.
    I must get that scarf!
  13. Thank you so much, ladies! You really are the best partners in crime. After a number of years collecting H, I am still not very good at colours. Does anyone know if gris pale is a current colour? I don’t think I have seen this colour at the boutiques.

    Orchids – I have always enjoyed your avatar, but I didn’t know what hue of H until I saw Coleigh’s thread. Your birkin is gorgy.

    Loonie – Is that your valentine’s day evening outfit in your signature:p? I bet you would get lots of orange boxes as presents to compliment your outfit.

    MrsS – I didn’t know I like gris until I saw this élan, but now I am in love.

    HG – Thanks so much for the explanation. What would I do without you?

    Katel – I am so honoured to be your twin. I have always love your classic style. Your box collection is out of this world. Just look at that gris pale birkin. She’s beyond elegant.

    ABA – We just had a day of snow followed by another day of rain. I bet the weather is much better where you are. I really need a sunny day to debut this bag.

    Avandome – Tourterelle is a great colour, but I am now in love with the paler version. I think it is a better colour for my yellow/olive skin tone.

    Tamarind – I would love to see Croissant’s kelly. I bet it’s quite beautiful in clemence also.

    Kelly_Birkin – I am really taken with the élan. I have tried the KP and KL, but the élan has the perfect dimension for someone my size. I was very close to placing a box KL order at Feb PO, but I am glad I didn’t.

    Elizabethk – I bought the Sulfures last year. When my Kelly élan arrives, they just seem to belong together.
  14. Stunning Elan - did you get this from the Japanese resellers? What a find! Congrats
  15. ^ Yes, I did. I missed out on a black croc elan last year, so my reseller already knows I am looking for Kelly elans. The colour was a surprise, but I really do like gris pale.