help! is this bowler going to be on sale?

  1. yes, that one is on sale at Saks right now - 40% off.
  2. it was on sale at Nordstroms 30% off

    i called to reserve another bag, and the woman said that the patent bags were on sale by accident

    btw, Nordstroms is having a sale on some MJ bags 40% off starting June 5th. there's presale and reservation also
  3. the small or large? or both?
    o wow.. i wish that saks in old pas hadn't left... :sad:

    just wondering, but what is saks' return policy? b/c nordstroms' is indefinite
  4. Both sizes are on sale. The Saks return policy is great. I wish the black one was on sale too, but of course they are not :sad:
  5. Saks return policy is 60 days full refund/exchange w/ receipt (all tags attached, new condition of course). After 60 days (w/ receipt) they go by the lowest current-selling price in the system.

    The Saks store in Manhattan didn't have any of the bowler bags on sale today -- well it's possible they all sold-out by the time I made it there this evening, or it's also possible those bowlers never even made it to sales (everything at Saks' flagship store sells out quite fast).

    Does anyone know of any store (Saks, NM, Nordstrom, etc.) that put the BLACK Ursula bowler (patent or non-patent) or the Ursula ELISE on sale? Which Saks has the red one on sale? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  6. ^^I saw the small bowler in red on sale at my local Saks and the large bowler in green--they didn't have anything in chalk... No black patent on sale and no Ursula Elise...

    It's the Saks in San Diego. Their number is 619.260.0030.
  7. Hi

    I can't help with the sale issue ....I just wont to tell you that the Bowler is so nice...(bought mine at Browns online shop) ....
    I am VERY happy with it. :biggrin:
    Bowler 0.JPG
  8. So Would It Be Safe To Say For Those Whom Live In So Ca. Its Cool To Check Out Saks & Nordstroms At South Coast Or Go To Fashion Island For Nm?
  9. Today
  10. Is there a big difference between Blush and Ivory? I can't find a picture of blush, wont provide one!
  11. blush is pink-ish.
    ivory is white-ish.