Help! Is this Black Kooba Lucy Legit??

  1. Girls, I need your help!!

    I've been obsessed with finding a BLACK Kooba Lucy with lavender lining for months now.

    Finally, this one popped up on eBay.

    It's only a 3 day sale, with reserve, starting price $100, from a Seller with only 34 feedbacks -- but 100%.

    The bag LOOKS beautiful -- but what do I know?

    I need to be absolute sure it's an Authentic Kooba. Having a fake would kill me even if it were free.

    Could any of you PLEASE take a look and let me know???

    The subject line simply says "Kooba Lucy Black"

    Thanks SO MUCH!!!!! Marianne

    Here is the link:


    Again, thanks so very very much!
  2. Oooooops, so sorry! I'm still a newbie.

    Thanks so much for the head's up. Will do.