Help! Is this a scratch on my new bag?

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  1. Ladies, I need your opinion! I just received this reissue in distressed black. And I saw this small mark on the flap! It's tiny but I think it looks like a small dent rather than a part of the distressed creases. Since it doesn't follow other patterns. What do you think? The SA told me that if I return it and it wasn't a manufacturing fault / actual damage then i'll have to cover all shippings. Help me please, thank you!

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  2. It doesn't matter whether its part of the crease or scratch. You need to return it if it bothers you. Then argue your case with the store that its damage and not up to your standard!
  3. That type of comment/threat is hogwash!
    Once this is resolved to your satisfaction, I would take my biz elsewhere!
  4. Looks like a fingernail scratch to me...
  5. That looks like some kind of gouge to me. That does not look like part of the wrinkle of the leather. Don't let them try and stick you for the shipping charge, tell them you'll call corporate if you have to, because that mark is damage.

    I swear I think some of these SA's send out the worst bags when it's a phone order! :censor:
  6. I do find that the reissue leather is not really resistant towards scuffs and some of these marks do appear but definately after use, not when brand new.
  7. ITA, I had an SA from Houston repeatedly send me damaged bags because he thought I was desperate for the bags (I was) and wouldn't return them! (But I did, and took my business elsewhere.)


    jbbee, make sure you fight tooth and nail for them to foot the shipping costs! You shouldn't have to pay for returning a bag that's damaged through no fault of your own.
  8. Thanks, everybody! Well, I bought it from Hirsh in NY, so the return/exchange policy was less than convenient :sad:
    The SA ensured me that it's brand new from the stock, and I do trust her, but I think it's still possible that the mark got there during inspection or just purely manufacturing error! I want your opinions because I want to make sure that this is not just me being extremely picky!
  9. ^Nope, you're not being picky at all. I have seen members on here send back their bags for less. From what I see in the photos, the mark looks pretty darn visible.
  10. I would send that back too.
    Stick to your guns on this one.
    And let us know how it goes.
  11. Send it back! I agree it looks like a fingernail scratch!!!
  12. Looks like a scratch to me too!
  13. I would most definitely send it back and ask for another 'BRAND NEW' one. Be firm and good luck!
  14. Send it back asap. My sister has the same bag and she's complaining about how easily it scratches on the slightest contact with her nails. And she can't rub out the marks, unlike those on her lambskins.
  15. Hmmm I can't tell where in the bag this mark is?? I know that my reissues have random small parts that are "questionable" but usually I realize they are part of the distressed look. This it is hard to tell. All I see is a real close up of a black piece of leather... If you are really uncomfy I guess try to exchange but I will say Hirshleifers is as good as it gets re: sending out brand spanking new pristine bags, so I'd be surprised... But anything is possible. Did you send the SA the photos?? Good luck! And you are talking about losing shipping potentially? That's not the worst for such an expensive bag adn getting a perfect one in the end!
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