HELP - is this a real Mulberry Bayswater????

  1. Just bought this off eBay and thought I really did my "due dilligence", but now that I have the bag I am not so sure...what do you ladies think? GENUINE MULBERRY BAYSWATER SHOULDER / HANDBAG (item 230088400806 end time 12-Feb-07 14:45:00 EST)

    The listing has ended, so just scroll to the bottom of it to see the pix.

    It has a tag inside that says "Made in Spain"......

    It is supposedly from the Old School House Mulberry Factoryt Shop in Bath and I have a a bad paper copy of the supposed receipt...but somehow all doesn't add up 100% ...just a gut feel.
    Does anyone know if they "refurbish" bags there?

    Also - the lock and keys are not the same colour as the brass locking mechanism...

    Anyways - HELP!!!!!!
  2. Hi Betty! I hope SaraJane is able to help you!

    They do "refurbish" bags in the location you mentioned. I was supposed to send them a Roxanne bag I bought at Nordstroms because the hardware was chipping and they were going to replace the hardware. I ended up returning the bag and buying another. I have read and seen bags by Mulberry made in Spain.
  3. Looking at the pictures, the grains and the texture of the leather looks right. And you are right the lock and key's colour in chrome, IS different from the brass locking mechanism.
  4. I am 90% sure it is fake. His camera is really bad or the leather is completely different from the MBerry's quality and texture .
  5. Are you in Uk? If you take it to the Mulberry shop in Bond Street they can authenticate it for you. I almost bidded on that bag!! They've got good feedback and the leather looks ok to me. Did you pay by paypal?
  6. I have a Mulberry Bayswater in oak and the label inside says made in England. The handles on my bag look different to those in your photos too. I'm not really sure if yours is a fake, I'm no expert. I saw a site selling fake Mulberry bags recently so they are definitely about.
  7. Hi Betty - I'd say your bag is real but I suspect it is a second. Most of the bags that come from the Shepton Mallet factory shop are technically seconds - although it's often really hard to see anything wrong with them. The pictures aren't great quality so it's hard to see the details clearly. The leather looks right, I just think it is a bag that has been well used. It looks like it could do with a good dose of leather cream. I would say it's a bag that was made some time ago.

    Betty - I've just checked my Mulberry bags. I have two from the factory shop and one was made in England and the other in Turkey. Another I bought from John Lewis was also made in Turkey. Mulberry does (or did) make bags in Spain. A lot of their production went overseas, it is only now that they are starting to bring manufacture back to the UK.
  8. Hi,

    I have now had the chance to examine both a genuine and (unfortunately) a fake bayswater, and judging by the photos I think this bag looks genuine--the leather seems fine, just scuffed. Just an opinion, I am not an expert.
  9. I think it looks real.
  10. Hi Bettyboop,

    I have asked this exact seller why she has unlimited supplied of Mulberry bags, she said that she gets these return or defeated bagas from Mulberry (don't if it's factory outlet or retail shop though), instead of refurbishing them. She said although the bags are like new she's only allow to sell them as used bags. I almost bought one from her, but didn't have enough guts. It is just hard to believe Mulberry supplies her with second bags. Or maybe she bougth them from the factory outlet then resells on eBay?:shrugs:
  11. Having looked at the oak Bayswaters this seller has sold and is continuing to sell these are not real several reasons the stitching , the tag, the tree logo on the hardware but more obviously the price even from the factory oulet these bags are alot more to buy you can pick up older colour Bayswaters (red,aqua etc ) for upto £300 but not chocolate.
  12. You may want to contact the seller as her items have been removed twice and this is a sure sign the handbags are counterfeit. I would take the bag to Mulberry and get evidence it is not real and obtain a refund. I have spoken to someone i deal with at Mulberry and the story does not add up .... Mulberry do not resell the handbags that are returned within the 12 month guarantee the only way to obtain Mulberry cheaper than retail price is via the factory outlet.