Help!!! Is This A Fake Stam Bag!!!!

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  1. Hi all,

    I am soo new to this,
    I just made the mistake of purchasing a bag from eBay, although the seller claims it to be new and authentic, After receiving it 2 hours ago I am having serious doubts. eBay number 180077514027 . I will try to return it, as used paypal when purchasing, but if it is a good copy don't really mind keeping it as the price was low, and the bag is leather, but the metal wear is bronze and looks worn not real gold and shiny like the pics, any ideas,
    thank you
  2. hi,
    I'm sorry to tell you but this bag is fake. Authentic Stam bags never sell for such a price!
    But you should post such things in the - Authenticate this- thread!