Help! Is there a way to add shine to a matte bag?

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  1. I'm hoping someone who knows more about leather than I do, has an answer about this. I just received my longed for butterscotch Anna Corrinna drawstring bag, and it is missing almost any shine at all! One side has a hint of a glow, but the other is almost matte. I called and asked them at Luna Boston, and was told that they are all coming in sans shine. I hate to send it back, but I'm wishing for the shine I expected. Is there a product that will add some gloss? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Conni, i'm sorry that the bag wasn't as shiny as you hoped! If you go to, there is a product on there called the Silk Shine Restore serum, where I think that one product adds shine or restores shine. I'm not too sure if it will add shine to a bag that's originally matte, though, but I think you can call Barbara from LovinMyBags (the owner) and ask. You can find her number through the "Contact" page on

    I hope this helps!
  3. You're the greatest! I did talk to her this afternoon, and sure enough, she did have a good suggestion. She finds that treating the bag first with the LMB procare protectant, and then applying the New Shine Restore, does a great job. Apparently you can get as much shine as you like by repeated applications. So now I'm happy as a clam, and can't wait to try it. Thanks again!
  4. I have had good results with the shine restore serum on a pre-loved green spy that came to me a little worse for the wear. Good luck!
  5. Litigatrix - Thanks for your input. Since this is a brand new bag, you can imagine I'm a little trepidatious (Love that word.) Barbara at LMB said that there had been mixed results with the original formula, but she was confident that the new one would work. I'm hoping, but I'm not completely confident. I'll post what happens when I treat it. If I lose my nerve, I'll report that too.
  6. Keep in mind it's possible your bag will darken somewhat--just something to consider.
  7. Actually, I would be pleased if it darkened a little bit. Either way would be fine. Just want shine lots a shine! :wlae: I'm pretty happy with myself, I finally figured out how to put these little smiley guys into a post! :yahoo:
  8. oh no problem conni! i'm glad i was able to point you to someone who could help :smile:

    congrats on figuring out the smileys!
  9. Thank you! :heart: I read your little something. It was quite something. Very moving. Hope you've sent it to the person who should see it. :yes: