Help - is there a perfect bag?


Dec 29, 2012
Hi, so I have only been collecting nice bags for a couple years. So far I have:

LV Melrose Avenue in Rouge Favista
LV Brea in Amarante
LV Delightful MM in Monogram
LV Hobo PM Antheia Bkack
Chanel Pondichery Jumbo Flap Beige
Jimmy Choo Electic Blue Python Riki

I always have a bag charm on whatever I am carrying, becuase I like the wow factor of having the bag be noticed. Here is my dilema, I want to get one more bag but I somehow want to combine the "I love to carry this bag" feeling of my delightful, with the wow factor of the Melrose Avenue - - - does anyone have any good ideas of a bag or bag/charm combo to do that? I don't want to sound like I totally seek attention, but I love the feeling of having someone out of the blue say "I love your bag". It just feels good! I get it all the time time with my Melrose, some with the Jimmy Choo, not too often with the others. Is there a comfortable WOW bag out there for me??? Thanks for your help!!


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Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
I've had a similar dilemma - GST is not super comfortable, jumbo flap is small, EE brea mm has a thin strap, Verona is not comfortable. I don't think there's a perfect combo, but I'm over the moon about my Jasper Sofia Coppola. It does not need a charm but I sometimes use my new bond street Maison cles keychain thingy because I got it while I was at the Olympics. The maroons match perfectly but it's also just for my enjoyment as it was a dream come true - a d no amount of bling compares to a memory.

Another suggestion is the antheia hobo or ixia. I'm debating one. I'm not into calfskin after my experience with my WOC but the sticking would hide the inevitable blemish.

Lastly, and least "exciting" is the Siracusa GM. I have a lot of bags and this one just came into my life one week ago. I am so in love - it's so comfortable and beautiful. I posted mod pics in the club house.

Good luck! If you find something perfect, let us know! Comfort and beauty are hard to come by and I'm still looking.
Nov 24, 2010
for me my perfect wow bag is my new Empriente Speedy. to me is just looks so classy. I don't have a bag charm yet. Not sure I need one with it. But I do have some bandeaus I am gonna try it with. Can't wait for my compliments to start coming.


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Jan 13, 2012
Nowhere near you.
I love the speedy arrow (lovely, just not practicable for me).

If I was doing all-leather bags, probably a speedy empriente.


Jan 2, 2013
I noticed you don't have a speedy. The design of the speedy is very alluring. I just got mine and get lots of compliments. They look great with bag charms, bandeaus, key bells, etc. In fact, it draws so much attention (AND it's de!) that I just fill its matching key pouch with cards I need and carry that in my pocket when I don't feel like being noticed lol