Help! Is the_finishing_touches a relaible eBay seller?

  1. Unfortunately, the posts for "reliable Hermes sellers" and "avoid these sellers list" have been closed. Therefore, I am starting this new thread to find out if anyone has had positive experience buying authentic Hermes merchandise from this high-power seller of eBay?
  2. I haven't bought from them myself but have only heard positive things about them on other Hermes boards.
  3. Christiflora,
    The threads are "closed" only because it is a controlled list by the mods, so that it will not land up in abuse by scammers or sellers sabotaging one another. A name gets into the either list when members who have had experience with them reports to the mods or gets in there because their reputation precedes them.
  4. Thanks for the inputs from you all.
  5. Hi Christiflora, I have bought from this seller a few times and each transaction is flawless. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks! Your comments are very reassuring.
  7. I have bought from this seller several purchases and always have been pleased, very trustworthy!