Help! Is the Kooba Marcelle too large for me?

  1. My sister is helping my husband purchase a bag for me for Mother's Day and has let me in on the secret. I don't currently have many "designer bags" except a Kooba Sienna in cream. Anyway, since I was eyeing the Marcelle that's what my sister told him to get - only I've never seen it in real life. Does anyone have one? I'm only 5'2" very petite, so most bags do look slightly large on me, but is this one extra large? He's in Vegas so if I have to return it it's a 5 hour trip -not the end of the world but definitely a haul. Any suggestions? It's sooo hard when you can't hold them before you purchase:hrmm: .
  2. Just an update to my original post - I just recieved the Kooba Marcelle in Cognac for Mother's Day - and it is GORGEOUS! It is a rather large bag, but I think it looks fine on me and I'm keeping it:love: Here's a picture of my newest addition!

    I'm so pleased! The leather is super soft and squishy, inside is like velvet and the finish is slightly distressed and wonderful-can't take the smile off my face:heart: And if it weren't for this forum I might not have ever heard of the Marcelle-thanks to all!
  3. The Marcelle definitely doesn't look too large on you - it looks like a perfect match! What a wonderful Mother's Day present! Congrats! :biggrin:
  4. It looks great on you! Congrats!
  5. It looks great. Not too big at all. Congrats and happy mothers day!!!
  6. Looks perfect!!!!!!
  7. It looks wonderful on you! I love it! :flowers:
  8. You look absolutely cute as a button with Marcelle! No, it's definitely not too large! Congrats, what a great gift! :flowers:
  9. You look great! Congrats. =)
  10. It looks great on you!
  11. It's just the right size . . . looks terrific!
  12. :biggrin: Awwwww.....Y'all are soooo sweet thanks!!!!
  13. Congrats on the new Kooba! It looks really great on you!
  14. Congrats, it looks beautiful on you - not oversized at all.
  15. Looks super...congrats!