HELP! Is Taiga belt Unisex?

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  1. Need good advice from LV men and women:P! I've been looking for a nice, classic high end black belt with a gold buckle for a loooong time now...most are either too trendy, or silver and I want gold!

    Is the Taiga belt strictly for men or would it be a good choice also for a professional working woman? I notice the website lists this same belt in EPI for both women and men, but Taiga belt is in men section only.

    Hmmmmm....what do you think?:confused1: Could a woman rock this belt in a suit and not look like "hey she is wearing a man's belt"?:supacool: Pls give me your HONEST opinion! Thanks!;)
  2. eeek! Silver again! The reason I want gold is because my black Work GGH really clashes with a silver belt! SP I'm sure you understand my dilemma! Arrrgh...
  3. ^^^ ooops! ok, look through all the belts at elux and/or OR get a Work with SGH! lol!
  4. I think that a woman could wear that belt for sure.
    It is a beautiful belt and I think it would look great.
    Alot of the LV belts are unisex, IMHO.
  5. yea this would have been much easier if I had gotten SGH!
  6. What is SGH?
  7. here's a pic:
  8. SGH is Silver Giant Hardware. It is a Balenciaga acronym. Their bags come with very pronounced h/w in either gold or silver. Makes not clashing tough sometimes!
  9. the taiga belt is a about a the one with louis vuitton scrolled in ther front?
  10. I have a brief in black with GSH! But I want a PT in black with GGH! ugh I want oneeeeee. Get the taiga, it'll be fine. Just think of it like Hermes' Box calf leather hahha
  11. ^^^ Hubby has that but in silver hardware! He uses it with dress shirts and ties.
  12. I too think taiga is very manly...
  13. its ok for a guy....:yes: