Help is required for a briefcase

  1. Hello all,

    a friend of mine is desperately seeking a briefcase but she doesn't know where to find one; here are her requirements:
    1. It should not be black
    2. Not a LV monogram canvas
    3. It must be big enough for DIN A 4 format paper (I think in US that would be "legal size") and also have space for a cell phone, purse and keys.

    She considered buying one from Goldpfeil (a German company that makes very expensive and high quality briefcases, starting at about $ 1.000 ) but they are all very "male" in their looks and mostly black. :tdown:

    Who can help? Is there anything suitable in the LV epi series? Or Damier? :confused1:

    Thank you,
    Regina :smile:
  2. Is she only looking for LV?
  3. Regina, I don't have any specific ones to recommend, but search for the words (I would do a separate search) "work" and "laptop." Start by searching for them in the subject line only, and then do another search for the word in the posts. There are a number of posts on this topic which should give you some ideas for starters.
  4. Thank you both; no, it does not have to be a Louis Vuitton any other label will be fine.