Help! Is prority mail safe? Have you ever gotten your coach bag through prority mail?


Mar 31, 2007
I don't buy Coach for myself, but when I buy it for my mother I buy directly from the department store. I do order a lot of D&B bags for myself. I just got two in the mail this past week, the regular post office mail, and they arrived (and have always arrived) just fine. I prefer having them shipped USPS because unlike with some carriers, I usually don't have to be present to sign for the package, they just leave it under the carport in front of the door.


Oct 17, 2006
I'm a HUGE fan of USPS, and their Priority Mail service in particular. They will pick up at your door, you can print postage and add insurance, DC, signature confirmation, etc. online, and they even provide free boxes to you. (Your order them for free online and they leave them at your door when they come in).


Sep 5, 2007
Bay Area
Priority is great but if you are worried, I would get delivery confirmation and if you are really really worried get it insured. That way, a signature is required. Sometimes, delivery confirmation does not mean they won't just leave it on your porch if they deem your neighborhood safe. But around this time of year, nothing on porches are safe regardless what kind of neighborhood you live in.


Mar 19, 2006
The Great Plains
UPS owns the US Postal Service? :confused1:

:confused1: Maybe she meant something else??

Anyway, I always use USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation and insurance. I've used the insurance claim twice. Once a gal said the item didn't arrive but the USPS had a signature on file and after investigating found that the item was indeed delivered. The next time the package was undeliverable to the address that I had and was sent back to the return address where the PO then lost the package. My postmistress awarded me the claim right away with no hassles. (It wasn't my PO that lost the package, it was my mom's because I used her return address to keep mine secret during RAOK) But I never send without insurance unless it's something worth less than $25. Plus if you send priority, you can use their free boxes! :yes:


Jan 8, 2007
I send and receive almost all my items via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. It's very reliable and fast. I find that Priority Mail is faster than UPS Ground, though not always cheaper, especially when I have to insure a heavy package. I send Priority all the time and haven't had any problems. You can print postage online, order supplies and more - it's great!


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Aug 20, 2007
Another vote for USPS Priority Mail! I send all my eBay items via Priority, I usually also add on Certified with Return Receipt so I get the little postcard back showing the signature. Paper proof in case I ever get a Paypal claim...