Help! Is prority mail safe? Have you ever gotten your coach bag through prority mail?

  1. Is prority mail safe? I'm paranoid about it cuz I'm going to get a bag through prority mail. Is it safe, will it get lost or something? lolz This is my first time ordering! thanks:heart:
  2. I actually send and receive almost EVERYTHING through Priority Mail.

    1) All my family (except one UPS traitor) works for USPS so I feel like I am contributing to their employment.
    2) It is the cheapest 2-day solution (rarely does it take 3 days)
    3) This mail is sent and handled separately that the other mail
    4) USPS does not typically hem and haw at the insurance claims, just in case but I have never had to use it

    The ONLY drawback is that it does not have decent tracking like the other carriers.

    Hope you receive your package safely and we look forward to pictures!!!!
  3. USPS is a reliable service! I have only had one lost USPS package to Spain, because the addressee gave me an incomplete address, I put a trace on it and the US Post found it, and sent it on its way!

    An addede service is to US Priority is Delivery/Confirmation Service, which allows you to track the package.

    Try not to worry so much!
  4. I've received most of my bags by Priority Mail. I also only use Priority Mail when I send out bags that I've sold. I've had no problems with it so far.
  5. Priority mail is awesome. I just always make sure I get a delivery confirmation as well. then you can track the package.
  6. I agree that Priority mail is reliable and fast. You can also track it online through But sometimes when a package is really heavy (like some Coach bags in gift box), I prefer Fedex as it will turn out to be cheaper and with insurance already included.
  7. I love Priority...Its always takes 2 days to get to me and sometimes even 1 day:nuts: Priority is very safe I never had a probelm.
  8. Priority mail is great! And it's usually cheaper too.
  9. priority mail is great and oh ya ups owns dad works for ups so you will be fine....
  10. I've had very good luck with priority mail. Its been faster than UPS. I mail all of my packages this way, I usually purchase the insurance.
  11. For heavier items, Priority mail is not always cheaper, especially if you have to insure the item. Usually when a package is over 2 lbs, it's cheaper to go UPS or Fedex. Believe, me I've been there :yes:
  12. I ship all my items to buyers in the US via priority mail with delivery confirmation. If the item is over $250, I ship priority with insurance and signature confirmation. I've found it to be extremely reliable.
  13. I ALWAYS use usps priority mail. just be sure and atleast get delivery confirmation if not signature confirmation and/or insurance. I have had great luck with them though, and if you are shipping using their free boxes and flat rate boxes is a great thing too! :tup:
  14. I have never had a problem using priority mail with or without the optional tracking. Looking forward to seeing your new bag.
  15. UPS owns the US Postal Service? :confused1: