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  1. I know it can be very frustrating to know what the right things are to do but still find yourself eating poorly. I've been there myself, and sometimes you figure if you've blown one meal that means you've blown the whole day and compound the problem by eating more.

    One of my favorite books is called One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Dr. Robert Maurer. He talks about how people lose weight for good by making very small changes on a regular basis rather than trying to make big sweeping change, which can set you up for failure.

    He's got some really interesting stuff about how the brain responds to big changes--even positive ones--by going into a panic 'fight or flight' response mode. This can often halt positive changes. When you take small steps, you bypass those signals and begin making progress.

    You know how he lost over forty pounds? By throwing just one french fry at a time off his plate. His book covers a number of patients he has helped, and the book is an easy read.

    I hope this info helps. It's a book that helps me often.

    The two things I do that help me is 1) I wear a pedometer and 2) write down everything I eat in a journal. It keeps me accountable. I don't always do it, but it works when I do.
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