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  1. I am 5'4 and almost 180lbs and I am still putting on more pound as we speak....... (I was 130lbs two years ago)

    I think it's getting out of control. I wanna put together a plan that would fit my lifestyle and wondering whether you can help.

    I have a very busy life (as I am sure all of you have). I work long hours and have to travel a lot, so exercsing seemed out of the question. Since I travelled most of the time, I usually eat out. I try going to yoga class at least once a week.

    I tried to limit my in-take, but whenever I am stress I seemed to eat more.

  2. Try using to track your caloric intake for a week to see where your going wrong and how to improve. While yogais great for alot of things its probably not going to do alot for you weight loss wise. Unfortunately exercise is one of those things you really need to make time for. Schedule it in like you would any other of your comittments. It really is that important if not more.

    Ok off soap box.

    Good luck and maybe it's worth it to get your thyroid checked as you've put on a significant amount of weight. Thats was what was wrong with me.
  3. if you KNOW you're not eating right, that's most of your battle right there.
    Even if you work out alot, diet is still paramount.
    You can still eat out, but you just have to make better choices.
    Choose your fish and chicken grilled, ask the waiter to only bring half to you and box the other half, cut out soda and white breads/pasta, etc. . . .
    knowing what to do is easy, it's the willpower that's difficult to conquer.
    Make yourself a note to remind you to make better chjoices, it's very easy to not think about it and them realize later you should not have eaten that massive bowl of pasta w/ cream sauce and kick yourself.
  4. if you're traveling for work, make sure the hotel they put you up in has a gym. that way you don't have to go far for a workout.

    i also agree that is the absolute BEST thing going.
  5. I am not going to lecture you about something you already know so here's a good tip - buy yourself a jumping rope from Nike or whatever. They are very light and portable, so you can even carry in your purse. Every morning, wake-up 10 minutes earlier than usual and use the time to jump like crazy before your shower.

    As for your diet, I too travel / eat out a lot and have had to learn some self control. I remember I ate a lot in the beginning and too gained some weight so don't worry, we all have been there. I usually stick to protein, nuts and veggies (and bananas) after 12 pm. I treat myself for breakfast (that means 1 white toast with low calorie butter and some mermelade, a piece of fruit and a big glass of orange juice), which seems to work -if I feel like snacking in the evening or ordering complex carbs for dinner I'll think "nevermind, I can have my yummy brakfast tomorrow!" etc.

    Hope that helped...
  6. One thing that I find helps is to drink water instead of anything else. I will have herb tea in the morning and sometimes at night but now reach for water......all day long. It is amazing how many empty calories are in all that soda, other drinks. They do add up.
    It is hard to eat well with traveling so much. But I am sure you will find a way.
  7. I would highly recommend Weight Watchers. :yes:

    If you are travelling a lot you might be eating out a lot, and it's super hard to find lean meats and grains and veg in places like that. But WW allows you the flexibility of eating whatever you love/want in a caloric limit that will help you loose weight.

    So if all you can get to is a Posh Bagel and an Arby's then you can still choose within your points range. It might not be ideal in terms of the food pyramid, but if it gets you started and in a healthier place...

    And WALKING is the best exercise ever. You can do it ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME. It doesn't have to be aerobic every day, just move. :wlae:

    Best wishes (and btw, I am 5'4" and weighed 185 lbs for about a year. I lost it all on WW over 6 months and have kept it off ever since, I weigh 125 lbs now and run ~4 miles every other day) :tup:
  8. Thx! I think I always know what my problem is but I theink having someone telling it in my face is like I can't avoid it anymore.

    I really like that skipping rope idea! I will go get one this weekend.

    I will keep you posted on my progress
  9. Oh my gosh, hmwe....I didn't know that about you. I saw a (gorgeous!) photo of you and I just assumed you were one of those people who stayed slender with very little effort. I have a whole new level of respect for you! I am already getting some great inspiration from reading this subforum. :tup:
  10. Good Luck. Please do it for yourself.
  11. For what it's worth, I lost a substantial amount of weight. I did it with Richard Simmons' FoodMover. If you're curious, you can click the links in my signature to see my pics and visit Richard's site. Whatever you chose to do, good luck!
  12. I was thinking today while brushing my teeth this morning - of all random times :rolleyes: And you have to put your health and well being at the forefront of everything. It comes before work, before loved ones, before everything else. Put yourself and your health first. Sit down, work out a plan, and remind yourself every day that you are on the road to a healthy weight and better nutrition and exercise habits. I have my "healthy foods list" stuck to my refrigerator, so that I see it every day.

    Like others have said, make better choices when you eat on the run. There are options out there. Plan ahead. Always pack a healthy snack or two in your bag to eat if you can't get a healthy meal. Pack running shoes, gym clothes and an MP3 player in your travel bag. See if the hotel you stay at while traveling has a gym.

    But the key is to want to be healthy, both in mind and body, more than anything else.

    HTH :smile: Good luck!
  13. Weight Watchers is the best.......

    I ordered the books on Ebay last year and did it on my own and lost 30 pounds. I still struggle but know the snacks, fast food choices now that will make the difference.

    I learned so much about food and nutrition from WW. But if you really want to see the pounds fly off you have to exercise.

    Keep us updated!!!!!!
  14. Good luck with your healthy changes.

    I love the jump rope idea. If I don't have time to go to the gym, I run up and down my stairs for a decent workout.
  15. Thank you so much Fiat :flowers:

    Every day, ever meal is a struggle not to overeat :Push:

    But every mile I run at 124 lbs (woohoo!!) is a joy and a treasure.

    Bibi: I am so glad that you found a suggestion that sounds like it might work for you. :yes: I used to teach and I told my class if you find *one* thing that resonates with you over the next five days, I will be happy.

    Good luck on jumping rope and keep us posted on your progress!! :tup:

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