Help! Is my new GST a dud?? Pics!

  1. I just received my new GST and wonder if it's flawed...On one side panel of the bag, there are marks that almost look like scratches. These are only visible when the light hits a certain way, otherwise the bag looks perfect. On really close inspection it almost looks like a variation in leather grain.

    Do all GSTs have areas like this? Am I worried over a normal variance in the leather or did I end up with a dud?

    Thanks so much for your help!
    GST.jpg GST side 2.jpg
  2. It does look scratched...My GST definately doesn't have that. It would probably bother me, honestly. I am obsessive about those things and I would exchange it. I mean it's not exactly a cheap bag.
  3. :push: It looks like it's either scratched or the dye is uneven. I'd exchange it, for that amount of money your bag should be perfect!
  4. Exchange it. I know it would be more expensive post-April 1, but it should be perfect for that money. Otherwise, does putting Appleguard help to hide the scratches?
  5. That would bother me also. I would definately take it back and have them exchange it for another!
  6. It looks scratched. Its very tiny but as much $$ as we pay for our bags it is not unreasonable to ask for it to be perfect.

    I'd exchange it if you can find another
  7. Thanks for the replies. I am really anal (probably too anal) about stuff like this so the slightest imperfection bugs me. The thing is it's only visible in certain light. I'm attaching another pic of how it looks when the light doesn't hit the area just so.

    I would have already returned it but Bergdorf's doesn't have any more and is not scheduled to receive another shipment with silver H/W. For some reason the bag was still at the old price of $1650 plus I paid no tax so I'm wondering if I should live with this imperfection or pay quite a bit more for a flawless bag.

    What would you do??
    gst side1.jpg
  8. whoa, that's a good deal...i can't really tell from the pic, but leather may not always look consistent, was the bag a brand new? if so, then i would attribute it to natural variation in leather, and live with it...but it's all about whether you can live with it or not, if it's always going to bug you, then you should exchange it.
  9. The marks would bother me!
  10. The mark would bother me too
  11. I just checked my black/silver GST and both sides are perfect in color and texture. Even at the old price of $1650 I couldn't live with it.
  12. Just checked my GST and mine is pretty even. Will you be able to track another one down somewhere else?
  13. Ditto.
  14. It looks like the veins that Hermes leather bags get.
  15. Now that's a positive spin on my situation! Thanks to everyone for their help and thanks for checking your own bags. I'm pretty sure I'm going to send it back. I'm starting to feel like it's worth it to pay more and be completely satisfied with the quality of the bag.