Help! IS my LV amber tote a fake?

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Aug 25, 2008
First, let me apologize if I am positing in the wrong spot. I am new and a bit lost. I bought a LV large Amber tote about 2 years ago on e-bay and at the time knew nothing about fakes. I recently purchased two authentic LV bags from 100% sellers that are beautiful. I decided to sell some purses from my closet and one was the Amber tote. I honestly could not remember what I paid since it was long ago. Anyway, I received a message from e-bay that they removed my listing because of misrepresenting it. I am 100% buyer and new seller on E-bay so was quite taken aback by this. Then, after some research I realized mine must be fake. This is the deal. I honestly had no idea. The totes are a bit different then the purses and the truth is I bought that from a seller on E-bay thinking it was the real deal. I am going to try and go back through my paypal records and see if I can find the seller, but then what? I am thinking since it has been so long, I am basically out the money.
Thanks for your input.

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