Help! Is my Dior (from eBay seller in Hawaii) fake?

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  1. Dear all,

    I bought a Dior bag from eBay (!!!!) last year. The seller bought this in Hawaii (also specified on the authenticity certificate). Before I bought it, I asked my friends to take a look and they all thought it was authentic. So I went ahead and bought it.

    However, a few days ago I sold it here in Bangkok, Thailand. My buyer has asked around and claimed that my bag is fake. So I'm writing to you here.

    The dustbag, the authenticity certificate card and the bag itself look authentic to me. I previously owned a few items from Dior and I find no difference in this one from others.

    However, the white leather label tag inside the bag, instead of saying "Christian Dior. Paris", says "Dior World Festival 2004". I'm getting seriously confused here.

    Does this mean this Dior bag is fake? Or is it some special edition sold in Hawaii only?

    Please let me know urgently. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated. I have tried a Dior boutique in Bangkok but the ladies there did not help at all. :crybaby:


    PS1: Here are some pics I took before I sold it.
    PS2: I'm new here (registered an hour ago). So HELLO everyone :smile:
    cloth_w_bag1164704811_edit_592.jpg img_5737_edit_885.jpg img_5738_rotate_240.jpg
  2. Hello!

    You posted the same question/pics within the "Authenticate This" thread and I responded within there with some information with regards to your handbag. best wishes! :flowers:
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