Help! Is my bowler grenat or bordeaux?

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  1. I got this from, which is very imprecise with their color labeling. They call this grenat/bordeaux - I want to know which it is! (Diabro invents their own color names, too! It makes things so confusing!) Can someone help me figure out what color this is? TIA!

  2. Its grenat. The bowler style was not intro'd til 06, so the bordeaux never came in this style.

    Congrats, btw - its a beautiful bag.
  3. I believe Grenat. I don't think the Bowler was made in 2005. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.'s gorgeous!

  4. ITA :yes:

    Congrats on a lovely bag! :heart:
  5. Grenat.

    The Bowling style was released in the FW 06 collection.
  6. lovely bag, i adore the bowling!!!!!!
  7. Wow thats a gorgeous bag.

    I love the bowling but its a little too big for me, do they still do the mini bowling?
  8. Gorgeous!! I love it!! :tup:
  9. Thanks everyone! I knew y'all would help me out!

    Thanks for the compliments. Isn't this a lovely color?

    Do you ladies and gent think this is too dark for spring/summer, BTW?
  10. No! Definately not, IMO! I have a Bordeaux on the way.... and I am super excited to pair it with bright colored outfits!! :yes:
  11. You are correct
  12. Oh, that wine color is gorgeous!
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