Help! Is my balenciaga twiggy.. fake?!!

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  1. I recently was lucky enough to win a lovely teal twiggy on ebay. Everything looked great and the seller was so sweet.. so I thought I got a great deal.

    However, I was just randomly looking at the auction again when I noticed that the numbers on the inside tag went as 128253 3444. I checked at and it says that for the twiggy, the number should read as follows: 128523 3444. Is it possible for there to be a discrepancy in the tags or did I just get duped?

    Here is the link to the auction so the b-bag experts can help! Thank you sooo much in advance.. I'm about to freak out.

  2. Someone else had a post about the last four digits. It looks like Balenciaga has changed it from 3444. Both my Bbags don't have those numbers and I bought them from Brown's and NM. Someone else mentioned it also.

    I wouldn't worry about it, as long as you bought it from a reputable dealer, you should be ok. The pictures look pretty good to me, but I am definitely not a Twiggy expert.
  3. I answered you in the other post - my Twiggy has the numbers 128523 -

    The numbers should not be switched around; I suggested you ask her for pics of the bales. She avoided shooting the bales on the shoulder strap in her auction, this could be a bad sign.
  4. It is the first string of numbers that are wrong on the Ebay bag; those numbers do not change.
  5. Yeah, Loganz is right, if the first set of numbers are wrong, then it's a fake. Does the twiggy come with shoulder straps? I don't own any twiggies, so I have no idea what their first group of numbers are.

    Hmm... now I am noticing that I completely misread that post! I need to take a nap now!
  6. Yes, the Twiggy comes with a shoulder strap; I have one from Bal NY; my numbers are correct.
  7. wow, that's really interesting. i don't have a twiggy, but i really thought that bag was real. the leather looks awesome. it's almost...spooky.
  8. In addition to getting pics of the bales, maybe request pictures of the back of the rivets? You'll have to confirm with someone who has a bag from the same season if they are notched or not. Also, I know the lightening bolt lampo zippers are widely faked now but I notice that there are tick marks underneath the lighting bolt. It seems like the # of tick marks change from season to season and sometimes there aren't any at all so that may be another thing to look at. Again, you'll have to confirm with someone who has a bag from that season, preferably someone who has a teal bag also.
  9. im agree with murasaki..... ^^^

    let us know what happens... i got my twiggy from the balenciaga store in NY, so i take it my numbers are correct
  10. I so hope that your bag is authentic. I just contacted 2 of my girl friends who own Twiggies and both girls in total, have 4. Each bag has the #'s 128523. Please keep us poasted. I know how you are feeling. Good luck to you.
  11. Thank you so much guys.
    I will be contacting the seller and asking for extra pictures of the bales and the rivets. I'll keep you updated..

  12. [​IMG]
  13. How does that look? =/
  14. Nothing is showing up...
  15. Can't see :suspiciou
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