HELP! Is my bag ruined?

  1. So I finally found and bought the Large Scribble Hobo I have wanted and lusted after for 2 years. I found one in excellent condition and got a great deal on it. I have had it now less than a week. I opened it yesterday to discover a tube of lipgloss exploded all over the lining inside. Thank GOD it didnt soak through and you can't see it on the outside of the bag. I did my best to clean it, but my turquiose lining has a big stain and it feels tacky or sticky yet. Does anyone have any cleaning ideas? Things for them that have worked? Can I dry clean my bag? It's the bold scribble hobo from 2005(canvas).
    :sad: :confused1::wtf: I am so freaked out it's ruined.
  2. OMG I'm so sorry! That was the prettiest scribble yet! I have no idea how to get that out. You could go to a boutique and show it to them. I hope you get it out some how.
  3. Oh - how rotten!! :push:

    I've had two lipstick stains but they were in blouses -- one I was able to get out by gently cleaning with Dawn dishwashing liquid and the other one had to go to a dry cleaner (after the Dawn didn't work).

    Hopefully someone will offer a great solution!
  4. I would try and turn the lining inside out and use a towel to try and get most of it soaked up. Then use a baby wipe to get rid of the stickyness, then a fresh towel to dry it.

    I don't wear gloss, but my daughter does. She isn't allowed to carry gloss in her Coach bags because every gloss she has owned has leaked to some extent.

    Good luck getting it out.
  5. I just realized you said lip gloss - not lipstick!

    Not saying this will or will not work and try it at your own risk. ;) My daughter had a gloss leak all over one of her bags and showed my hubby. He was able to get the majority of it out with a carpet stain cleaner. I'm not sure if it left any discoloration or not though... they told me about it days after it happened. Had it been one of her good bags, I would've run to check it out but it was a cheapie that she carries to swim at the lake.
  6. I suggest going to a boutique. They may suggest you send it to Coach and they can clean it for you.
  7. Calling the 800 number might be helpful. I'd ask them about cleaning bags too. I thought I read that they didn't clean bags any longer. Not sure. Also, turning the lining inside-out and cleaning with Dawn may be a good idea. Dawn is great at getting a lot of junk out! Sorry that happened to you and good luck. And for future, has a cute, clear cosmetic case for $4 that is great to keep lip glosses and other messy things in to protect your bag.

    ETA: I checked on and it says:
    "Can I send my bag to Coach for cleaning?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer a cleaning or refurbishing service. We do offer a Coach Leather Cleaner, Signature C Fabric Cleaner and Moisturizer Set for our Classic Collection."

    I'd still call headquarters for suggestions.
  8. Yeah, Coach no longer cleans bags :sad:

    I agree that turning the lining inside-out and washing with dish soap will be your best bet. Dry cleaning may result in the lining not fitting in the bag correctly. Good luck!
  9. It is horrible when that happens . . . we need a little preventative maintenance . . . I used to always carry my lipstick, pens, pencils loose in the pocket of my purses, until I GOT A COACH! Now those loose potentially dangerous things are always inside a separate holder, a wristlet for lipsticks, and my planner holds my pen/pencil. Today, when I went to get out the lip liner the lid was not on it :nuts:. . . fortunately it did not get on the lining of the wristlet, but had it been inside the bag, it could have also got on everything else.
  10. ^^ Which is why I moved my leaky, bothersome cosmetics into the clear cosmetic bag from Sephora. I was using my legacy stripe beauty case and then realized how upset I'd be if anything go on the pretty pink lining! Now only non-messies go in my Coach & other brand pouches and messies go into the vinyl pouch! And I carry a Tide pen and a travel pack of baby wipes! Just in case!
  11. So sorry. My friend has a laundry service and they use dishwasher detergent (like cascade) on most all petro based stains. Be careful though because it could take some of the color out to.
  12. Thats a good tip... I'm pretty challenged when it comes to cleaning stains haha. It never occurred to me to use dish soap for anything but dishes!
  13. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I tried
    Dawn, Tide to go stick and some fabric cleaner that came with my sofa. None of them got the stain out, but the fabric cleaner removed all the stickiness. I guess thats as good as I could have hoped for, no one sees the inside but me anyway. :p

    I won't be carrying anymore hazardous things loose in my bags from now on. I definately learned my lesson.
  14. I have washed a lot of handbags in zero/woollite, letting it soak in the cold water mix and rinsing really . . . really . . . well. Even vachetta leather has come out amazinging well!!