Help! Is it too late for my bag!

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  1. I've only had my MBMJ Utility Satchel for a year and it's already fading! I'm feverishly applying AG to it, but is it too late? Is there anything else I can do? I don't even want to take my Dr. Q Groovee or Clutch out of it's dust bag I'm scared their leather will fade too. I'm so disappointed!
  2. i am not sure if mbymj bags are covered under a repair warranty, but you may want to e-mail: they should be able to help you. :yes:

    did you buy it from nordstrom by chance? they seem to be more helpful than other places...

    is it SUPER noticeable like uneven in places? do you have pics?
  3. What is the original color? Pics would be helpful.
  4. This is the orginal color, it's like a washed brown. It was so pretty. But the AG darkened it for some reason:sad: I think it was becauseused it for awhile before I protected it so the oils from hands might have darkened it and then the AG made it worse? I bought it from Shopbop, they aren't very helpful. I'm not very good at taking pictures. You can see where it's faded where it's been rubbing on jackets etc. and you can see where the AG has darkened it in the second pic. But I know the pics don't show very well.

    It's a little darker here than it really was

    The one on the left

  5. Oh gosh! How did my pictures get so big! Sorry!
  6. Luvinmybags does color restoration
  7. Its also quite pricey and imho not worth it for a bag like this. For a couple hundred dollars of restoration, you would be better off putting that money towards a new bag in the future.
  8. Maybe use one of those tarrago dye kits on it
  9. What is a tarrago dye kit?
  10. I would NOT recommend the dye kit in this instance -- chances are, there isn't much to be done at this point short of having the bag restored by Lovin My Bag (which will likely cost as much if not more than what you originally paid for the bag), or having it professionally re-dyed (which again, can get costly) -- MJ bags are meant to age -- in fact, when I first began buying MJ collection bags, I was told that MJ did NOT recommend using any products on his bags since they were meant to be worn & carried and to show their age -- they sheould develop a patina and darken with age & use. This is part of the normal aging process with leather bags -- I don't think it looks that bad and gives the bag more of a "vintage" look
  11. ^^ ita !!