HELP! Is it the shining Monkey Fabric Protector that I need?

  1. Will the vachetta still get a nice patina if I use this? Does it also help prevent the dirty look handles can get on them? Does anyone have a picture of the actual product can/bottle so I can make sure I get the right stuff?

    I am worried is this really safe for LV bags? I know a lot of people use it so I would love some advice!
  2. oh I forgot a link to where I can buy it would also be great!
  3. I am so stressed about carrying my new speedy with that light vachetta and I do not want it to get dirty or stained by water or snow. Is that what this product is for? I have looked st the other posts but want to make sure I would be using it right plus I heard this company is for cars? so now I am confused?
  4. Bump need answer please?
  5. I have used shining monkey on my bags with vachetta, and I've also used it on suede shoes. The day after I sprayed my batignolles horizontal, I spilled a large cup of tea on my bag, and the handles got drenched. It didn't stain at all. I'm a horrible klutz, and I was afraid not to spray my bags. I like patina, but I don't like water spots and stains! Shining Monkey has worked very well for me so far.
  6. Don't stress! Please...enjoy your bag...there are several great leather protectors out there, I have used many;

    Shining Monkey
    3 M
    Scotch Guard
    and some generic one, called (It's what I could find at the grocery

    All work great! I am the first to admit I am rough on my bags and even the bottom of my cabas alto looks good.

    The won't stop the patina, although they might slow it a bit.
  7. Any preferences on the ones you have tried?