HELP- Is it cheaper to buy ysl in london, tokyo or singapore?

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  1. Hi, I need help.
    Would like to know if it's cheaper to buy ysl in london, tokyo or singapore? Is the difference in prices big or minimal?
    For example, it would be better to buy LV in paris than in S'pore.
    Which is the best country to buy ysl?
  2. I don't think Tokyo is cheaper
    I bought the YSL Bow bag in the US on sale for $850
    I went to Japan a few months later and saw the same bag at the YSL Outlet and it was 150,000 (over $1500 with conversion)
    I'm pretty sure Japan is more expensive for every designer brand
    Thats why they come to Hawaii and buy it
  3. I'm from Singapore and let's just say that the girls here go crazy when we head to London.

    the prices in London for most designer goods are alot cheaper.

    and having been to Japan, you definitely don't wanna shop at the high end boutiques there! we have japanese tourists buying designer stuff in Singapore by the truckload.

    so your best bet is London, followed by Singapore, then LAST RESORT - Japan. if you can't find what u're looking for. there's always eBay. :smile:
  4. Ohhh, alright! I guess I'll shop in london then!
    Thank you very much! :yahoo:
  5. Definitely cheaper in London, especially if you can claim the VAT.

    Luxury goods are more expensive in Asia, especially Japan.
  6. London may be your best bet, unless you live in the U.K. and cannot claim a VAT refund.