Help--is ebene same as chocolate?????

  1. I am confused as i want a kelly in ebene in togo with PH--can someone please post a picture
    Is the color ebene same as chocolate in Togo and if not can someone enlighten me
  2. I think it's darker, Uma, ebene is almost black.
  3. Ebene is very dark...guess you could say a bitter dark chocolate. (pretty much as close as you can get before black) Chocolate looks like you expect it to be.

    Maybe I can try and hunt down some pics.
  4. Photo courtesy of firstclass1 (thank you)

  5. photo courtesy of authenticlux (thank you)

  6. aaah that explains it --i want chocolate not ebene ..thanks kellybag and allaboutnice
  7. You are welcome. You can see that one still appears like a chocolate bar and one is much darker.
  8. Havanne is the rich milk chocolate shade which is wonderful.
  9. is that what u call that chocolate shade above???
  10. No, this is Havanne in Evergrain leather. It is a rich brown, not light but not close to black either.
  11. Gosh, it seems like chocolate comes in many shades depending on the leather. Here is my chocolate clemence Evelyne:


    Here is a chocolate togo Kelly. Courtesy of thompk

  12. Is "CHOCOLATE" the official Hermes name? I can't remember if I've seen anything but Havanne, Ebene, Cognac, & Gold in the book for the browns. Can anyone elaborate?
  13. When I was speaking to the H boutique that I ordered by chocolate Evelyne from and the SA was telling me the colors that he found for me, he said "chocolate". So, I assumed that was the official color name.
  14. what I gorgeous selection of brown bags, I've loved looking at all the photos, thanks
  15. it's called chocolate fonce