Help - Is Amarante Deep Purple or Dark Brown?!

  1. I want to order the new Cles from but can't decide which color because I cannot figure out what color Amarante actually is. I have viewed a million pics. can someone clear this up for me? TIA:heart:
  2. Deep purple but I can definitely see where you are picking up the hint of brown. It's a type of color that is really affected by lighting and hard to capture accurately on camera. Every time I wear out my Summit Drive I get positive comments on the color. You will love it.
  3. ya, more purple.
  4. IMO, it's a black cherry color.
    Give me a minute and I'll try to take a good pic of my Brentwood.

  5. Thats a good description. :tup: Black Cherry!
  6. Thanks all for being so sweet and speedy!!
  7. Yes, it's like a black cherry color! It also reminds me of coca-cola :biggrin:
  8. Its a deep cherry or eggplant color. I don't see any brown.
  9. My Summit Drive is definitely more purple! Best described as "eggplant" or "deep cherry" color!!!
    This color is divine!!! :tup:
  10. Black Cherry describes it best
  11. Great description! :yes:
  12. I's like a black cherry. In some light, it looks black.
  13. Ok hope this helps a little, I just now saw the lint from the dustcloth lol. The second is just one of my Cles, I don't know how well it shows off the color though.
    100_9787.JPG 100_9784.JPG
  14. It's between dark red and purple, black cherry is the best description, not dark brow
  15. Wow it's a gorgeous color.