HELP! is a rouge vermillion city good for a first bbag?

  1. girls!!!

    i need some help with this! i'm getting my first bbag, all along i've wanted a red bbag but i'm not too sure if it's too loud or whether it is versatile enough for a first bbag! i'm not sure if i've made the right choice cos it's such a bright bag!

    and should i get rouge vermillion or wait for the new 07 rouge?? i like bright engine red, which is a better shade? are the older reds better? rouge VIF, rouge theatre, out of all these reds, which is the bright engine red? i've not seen these bags in person and from where i stay i don't get to see many bbags in the shops cos it's forever sold out! i haven't even seen the rouge vermillion in person!! does it have an orange tinge to it? all i've seen are photos from fellow tpfers!

    thanks so much girls and sorry for bombarding you with all these questions!:smile:
  2. hey, judging from incoralblue's thread, i say wait for the new tomato red! vermilion, from what i've seen, has a slight orange tone to it, rouge vif is brighter (although it's supposed to be very similar to vermilion) and i think rouge theater is a darker red.
  3. I agreed...jus wait or waitlist for the new tomato color as it's between rouge VIF or rouge theatre....and i love these colors than the rouge vermillon.....:smile:
  4. if you can't wait another couple of months, the rouge vermillion is gorgeous - a really rich red with slight orange undertones. i have it in a wallet and it's a brilliant red! i thnk LV Lady has one on eBay right now, or maybe it's the regular rouge... it's a really rich saturated color on the bag that's listed. good luck!
  5. here are my rouge vermillion 07 and my rouge vif 06, hope there help :biggrin:
  6. wow, they look identical to me! thanks for the photo.
  7. Sure why not. IMO, it's the same as a black CITY.:p It's a must-have!
  8. andy - that pic makes me cry for selling my RV DAy... so sad right now... :crybaby:
  9. is a rouge vermillion city good for a first bbag?
    Why of course you silly gooose!!! :yes: I love the reds! Like grande latte said, it's like a black - a must have in your collection!
  10. :yes:
    I can't comment on how the reds differ from one another, but I have seen Rouge vif in person and it was gorgeous! I think red is very wearable, and can go with a lot more colors that one thinks of. Attached is a picture of pf-er Beverly with her Rouge vif City, and she looks divine! The bag goes great with her neutral colors.
  11. Hi Sillygoose.. (love your name:yes: ) I initially bought rouge vermillion in the City but decided to exchange it for the First. The color is gorgeous!! I personally love brighter colors in that style.
  12. I had rouge vif and rouge vermillion in my house at the same time. RVerm is "lighter" and brighter with an orange undertone, I think RVIF has more blue undertones. Both are gorgeous--depends on your coloring I think too. mcs
  13. BalNY called Rouge Vif "Fire Engine Red," so I guess that would be what you want! I would recommend either Rouge Vif or perhaps the new red that is coming out (although I haven't seen it yet, so can't be sure).
  14. Yes, a lovely bag, but I would personally wait for the FW 07 Tomato City
  15. Hi sillygoose,

    I have the vermillion in a work size, and I personally think it is a great first Balenciaga. The color goes w/ practically everything and is very pretty. Here is a pic for reference:


    The color is not as red-red as rouge vif, but is more orange-red. However, it does NOT have orange tones, IMO. Hope this helps, whatever you decide you can't go wrong w/ a red B-bag! :smile: :smile: