Help!!!!!!!!!! is a black epi speedy ok for everyday use?

  1. Calling all epi speedy owners! would you reccomend this baby for everyday use? is it practical? does it go w/ rugged casual attires..... Im a 25 year old mom who dresses very casual.... :woohoo:
  2. I personally think all LV bags are ok for everyday use. I don't keep any of mine for special occasions only. Show it off!
  3. Absolutely and epi leather is very durable!
  4. of all the bags this may be one of the best everyday bags
  5. An Epi Speedy is very low maintenance. A true trouble free bag. I'm considering getting one too.
  6. Yup, Epi leather is very durable. Take her for a ride!
  7. Extremely durable and absolutely perfect for everyday use!
  8. If you get this bag, use it with reckless abandon! It can take it. I'd wear it with almost anything casual or dressy. (Just not to the beach ;), but you knew that.)
  9. yes! black epi speedy is perfect for an everyday bag!!!
  10. Yes!! I have the 35 and I love it !
  11. I have the 25 and it really is wonderful!
  12. Perfect bag for daily use :smile:
  13. I use mine all the time, in any weather. It is very durable and looks great too.
  14. I have a damier 30 speedy that I use for everyday bag. The bag is great and can take a beating:yes:. I say go for it and just enjoy it.
  15. I don't own any Epi piece, but I love it! I think it's very durable and perfect for an everyday use!