Help!! Is a bag that is owned but said not used, considered a New Bag??


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Oct 18, 2006
I am thinking of buying a bag by a seller who is selling it as new. I asked her if it had been owned by someone else or if indeed it was new. I was told that it was bought from another owner and that owner said it was never carried. Would you consider that New? How does one know if it really hasn't been used before?:shrugs:


Apr 18, 2006
In my opiniion, if the seller said she is not the first owner, then she cannot guarantee it is never carried. But at least she is honest and tell you at front. Mybe she is using her best judgements and thinks the bag is in new condition.


To Bal bags
Oct 18, 2006
The tags are all together but not attached, the year is 2006. I bought a Marigold day bag from a seller on _bay a few weeks ago and she claimed it wasn't used and the tag from Nordstrom was still attached so I thought, great it is new, but the bag was filthy inside with white stuff and clearly it wasn't unused. When do you claim it to be new and when do you not?


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Oct 4, 2007
I would claim a bag to be new if it was in the same condition as it would be if you bought it from the shop!!

If any bag is older than one season how can you sell it as may be as new condition but its not new is it !!


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Feb 6, 2008
If it has been kept in its dust bag, never used and in pristine condition then it's new. If there's any scuff marks, dirt or marks on the lining when you get it then it's obviously used and you could file a SNAD
Feb 11, 2006
When I describe a bag as "new" in my listings, that means the bag has never, ever been carried by anyone. Period. End of discussion.

If a bag has been carried once and still looks new, to me, that is a used bag. And I would describe the bag as used.

In my opinion, it is possible to buy a new bag from someone who purchased it from the original owner. New simply means it has never, ever been carried. It doesn't necessarily mean it has only had one owner.



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May 16, 2008
As long as tags are detached I'd assume the bag is gently used. Plenty of ebay sellers describe "NWOT" as gently used, or put "mint" in title and "used" in description! Take everything with a pinch of salt.

Used condition is very hard to define. Most buyers will agree that parading around the house will be considered used. Then you have the issue of home hygiene, believe me I have SEEN photos of NWOT bags in toilets!!!!!! :throwup:

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Apr 10, 2008
I have seen the description ' triple mint' too. I wonder what that means

Triple Mint is toothpaste, chewing gum or Ice cream (pass the hot fudge and whip cream)! UNUSED, Never worn bag is NEW- tags or no tags.
I often remove tags but never use an item.
Trying it in your mirror doesn't count, that's why new bags get listed generally - it didn't pass the reflection test for size or shape.
Conversely, I have bought 'NEW with Tags' eBay bags where Sellers had REattached tags after using the bag (dirty inside & worn edges or pen marks), how low is that !
Wouldn't it would be nice if ebay had a rating system with definitions to clarify these terms.
New has nothing to do with season or year but some sellers specify this season, new collection, last yr's, discontinued, sold out, no longer available, rare color, etc.


Feb 1, 2006
If I'm not the first owner of a bag, I disclose that and don't represent it as new if I resell it without having used it myself. I may well have been given accurate, honest information of non-use by the previous owner, but since I don't have firsthand knowledge, that's how I choose to approach it.

I think "new" has a definition, and ebay gives it a definition, and it's a strict one. Just the fact of being owned, though, doesn't necessarily mean something is no longer new and unused.


Mar 23, 2006
Personally, I would only claim a bag was new if I had bought it from the shop myself, had never used it, had stored it very carefully and it had absolutely no signs of having been a used return, or anything.

If it still had the tags attached, I would describe it as being BNWT and in mint condition and if I'd removed them (which I often do to protect the leather), or it didn't come with any, I'd describe it as being BNWOT and in mint condition.

If I'd bought the bag from someone else, even if she had claimed she had never used it and I knew I had never used it, I would not describe it as new, unless it still had the tags attached and was flawless. Even then, I would mention in the description, that it had been owned by a previous owner, but that it had never been used and was in mint condition.

If the previously owned bag had no tags attached, even if it was in mint condition, as I couldn't be absolutely positive that the previous owner was telling the truth about not having used it; I would describe it as being in mint condition, rather than BNWOT and I would then state in the description that it had been sold to me as unused and that I had not used it myself and that it, therefore, had no signs of use and was in mint condition.

From my experience, I really don't think many sellers think like this, though. :nogood:

Very sadly, many will happily describe an, obviously, used bag as new, let alone an unused bag that has been previously owned.

I think this is very wrong, on two levels, as not only is the buyer, almost certainly, conned into bidding too high for a bag in SNAD condition, but also, bags are not like most pieces of jewellery (for example), as they are, generally, not easy to clean and so, are second only to underwear and shoes in terms of many people, specifically, not wanting to buy used ones; so, to lie about condition can really upset the buyer. :sad:
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