Help! Ipod vs. Creative Zen (vs. sansa)


Mar 20, 2006
Any opinions? I'm getting either the Ipod 30 video, the Creative Zen 30, or the sansa e series 8g.

Right now, the hard drive models (the ipod and zen) are my first choices.

Is it harder to load songs and videos on the non Apple models?

Recommendations? Experiences? I'm really having trouble deciding!!:P
Have u checked out the ZUNE by Microsoft?

I was going to get my SO that ZEN last week but came across the Zune and it seemed MUCH better!

Go check it out if ya havent. But if out of those 2, I would got for the Zen.

Good luck
Ipod hands down. Apple has consistently put out a good product with their ipods. I've had my mini since 2004, not one speck of trouble with it. I even still get 8+ hours of battery life on one charge.

My one worry with Zune is that it's a relatively new product, all the kinks have not been worked out yet.

If you haven't checked out CNET, check out their review here of Zune:
Zune (30GB, black) Reviews. MP3 players Reviews by CNET.
I'm not familiar with the Zen. I have a Sansa- I chose this over the Ipod just because I wanted an MP3 with radio. I really like the Sansa and have no complaints. I find that it's easy to manage my music on the device, and it is very slim and compact.

Hope this helps. Good luck! :yes:
i like my ipod, but the zune is a better alternative than the zen or the sansa, i'd say take a look at that one! it just came out and all the people at work (i work at best buy) are all abuzz over it.
I recommend the creative zen and I'm a little bias b/c I have one and love it. Secondly, I"m a pc user so I opted for that. Lastly, I like to be unique to know that I don't have an ipod like everyone else:P
Hello, MandM. I have an iPod, but I have to say, if you use a PC, go with the Creative. iTunes for Windows is horrible, IMO, and only since I've started using iTunes on my Mac did I realize how poor the integration was on the PC.

My friend has a Creative, and I found it fun and easy to use. I would recommend that you stay far from the Zune. Engadget and other reviews have written nightmare stories about the unecessarily complicated and buggy the software is that comes with the Zune. (But what can one expect from MS, anyway?)
^^I agree, if you use pc it is much easier to use with the creative. I just plug it in and drag my songs over with the program and for me it works with any song I download.
Thanks guys! I do have a PC. My main interest in the ipod was that the itunes store sells tv shows, movies, and audio books. There doesn't seem to be a similar on-line site for the I worried that I would have to do a lot of converting and searching to find videos and books.

Anyone used their video component much?
Speaking from someone who has had a Zen AND 3 iPods. Do not get the Zen.

The idea of having the zen was great initially. I planned on getting napster or Yahoo! Music so I only had to pay 15 bucks per month for all the songs I want. But it constantly broke down somewhere between putting the songs on it and using it. I kept a paper clip with me at all times to reset it.

Also it's very difficult to manuever back and forth between items. Compared to the Ipod which has the ingenius wheel.

Only downside to the Video Ipod is that the life of the battery when you're watching tv shows is very low. I use it at work a lot to keep up with stuff and I think I have a good 2 hour window. I'm planning on buying a charger to bring with me to work.