Help! Interesting ebay/paypal dispute!

  1. HI,

    This is the latest of a long paypal saga--I will do my best to summarize.

    I bought a gift for my husband on eBay, and it arrives broken/not as stated in the auction item description. Of course the seller is suddenly nowhere to be found (before bidding he was very nice and thorough in answering all my questions).

    I promptly filed an eBay dispute which was escalated to a formal paypal claim.

    Paypal asked me to ship the item back, which I did--fortunately wiht UPS tracking--and UPS says that the seller moved--and they can't track him down. Fortunately this is all clearly documented online on

    I have been in the process of faxing paypal "proof" of mailing the item back to the seller.

    Now the item has been "returned to shipper" meaning that it is now back in my possession.

    What do you think will happen? I have spent soooo many hours on this!

    I am wondering--will they let me just keep the item? Or will they make me ship it to some paypal center so that it's more fair? The item, new, and unbroken, is worth nearly $2000 and I paid $650, so I am just wondering what the outcome will be.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I have heard of Paypal asking people to send the item to them.

    TBH I wouldn't like to second guess this one
  3. If the seller moved and did not update his/ her address with Paypal then that is not your fault, and you shouldn't have to pay for shipping again if the seller does finally respond with an updated address. This sounds really unfair, and $650 is a lot of money for a broken item. I hope PayPal comes through for you. Did you have buyer protection ($2,000)??
  4. I am sure if you send them the proof you sent it to them and it said that the seller moved they will giv eyou your money back. If you have been with paypal without any problems for a few years they are willing to give you what you deserve. I once had a problem but with a counterfeit item and I totally forgot about it and the case closed. I called paypal and without any hesitation they just issued me a refund without opening up a new case or anythign like that.

    Goodluck! But i have a good feeling paypal will be on your side and get you your money back!
  5. Contact Paypal by phone. Tell them you attempted to return the item but it was returned to you with the reason: addresse is no longer at the address provided by Paypal. See where that takes you next.

    Also go to eBay and pull the contact information. If the old info is provided, report it to eBay as invalid.

    To request a person’s contact information:
    • Click the “Advanced Search” link, located under the Search button in the top right corner of most eBay pages.
    • Under the Members section on the left side of the page, click the “Find Contact Information” link and provide the User ID of the member and the Item number of the transaction you have in common
    Following that, compare the info to what you already have and if it is still invalid report it here (where it says Contact ebay / REPORT a violation at the bottom of the page):

    Although... I have to say UPS has no way of knowing that a person moved. Sounds like there is more to the story here like someone is dogding the return.
  6. Yes, it sounds as if the seller "refused" delivery. What a tool. I think you'll probably get your money back though.
  7. This has never happened to me, but my guess is that Paypal will refund you and then the seller will, suddenly, rematerialise; once he realises that he is out both the item and the money! LOL! :lol:

    I agree that you shouldn't have to pay a second time for the return postage (in fact, you shouldn't, morally, have had to pay the first time you returned it, either, IMO, as the item was SNAD) and you should definitely tell Paypal that. :yes: