Help! INR against me...

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  1. So as some of you may remember, I sent a woman an item First Class Recorded delivery the same day she paid for the item (7th Sep). This means I had some tracking info. Anyway, it is returned to sender because "the address didn't exist". I receive the item back a week later, and confirm the address with seller.
    She asks me to resend it without any tracking info as she's not going to be able to sign for it...
    I do that last week and now she says she hasn't received it and has applied for an Item not Received thingy.
    I dont think I should have to refund her fully. How do I go about this with paypal and the claim?
  2. If the buyer files INR via PayPal, and you cannot provide proof of delivery, it is possible you will loose this case. Do you think if there is a possibility the buyer received the package but claimed INR?

    Next time, no matter what buyers request, always ship pricey items with signature required.

    I am really sorry this happened to you.
  3. Yeah I believe she probably has the item, she's only got 2 feedback. And I don't see a valid reason why she wouldn't have the item by now...but I guess items do get lost, I can claim with the post office so I guess I'll just have to do that... :sad:
  4. I don't know how Scotland post office handles cases of lost packages. US post office will not accept the claim if packages are not insured. I really hope you are able to claim your money back from your post office.
  5. why would you ship it without any tracking?!:nogood:
    no matter what they say you must cover your end ...also why did you ship to a address that already got shipped back to you b/c the address didn't exist? the whole thing seems fishy to me
  6. It came back that the address didn't exist...I took it back to the PO a day later, and the SA checked that the address did exist and was able to deliver to that house...
    Im so annoyed right now, but I know that the PO will refund my money (this is like the 3rd time now)
  7. I'm so sorry this happened to you! It does sound fishy to me, especially because she went out of her way to ask you NOT to add tracking. Which may mean she was planning to claim it as not received. It's possible it was lost in the post, but it's unlikely. It sounds like she received it, so I'm not sure if PayPal will cover you if you have no solid evidence. So next time, no matter what the buyer asks, add tracking.


    Again, I'm so sorry, and I wish you luck in getting your money back.
  8. I never ship anything without delivery confirmation. It shouldn't be your problem if she's not there to sign for the package. If she wants it, she should make sure someone is home or wait for a re-delivery the next day. I think she's trying to pull something over on you. I hope everything works out.
  9. Always, always ship with delivery confirmation. A buyer can pick it up at the post office on their lunch hour or arrange for a delivery on a Saturday morning. There is NO reason not to send it with tracking and confirmation. I would make a point to list it in the auction that you require it, for YOUR protection, not theirs.

    I think you are almost certainly being scammed, but you don't have many options except to get your money back from the post office (if you can - mine won't refund without insurance and confirmation, I didn't think). The buyer requesting no tracking should have been a huge red flag and the biggest reason TO use tracking!
  10. I think she's trying to scam you. I don't send anything anymore without insurance and tracking. I've gotten burned a few times and learned my lesson. I'm not sure why she wouldn't be able to sign for it. Doesn't your P.O. hold the item there for a period of time if the recipient cannot be home when the postman comes to deliver it? Your buyer sounds sketchy.
  11. Something stinks here, it smells like a scam. Hopefully we are all wrong and your missing item will turn up.
  12. It does sound suspicious. I buy on eBay a ton, and while it's a pain in the butt to trek to the post office and pick up my packages, I do it all the time. I would never ask to have something expensive delivered without tracking and insurance, and I live on a tiny little private street where it's incredibly unlikely something would disappear off my doorstep. I want to be able to tell what happened to the item, if it's over $100 or so. If you're not going to be home to sign for it, why would you want it to sit there??
  13. Not sure how it is over there but in the USA using Priority Mail - a signature being required and Delivery Confirmation do not go hand in hand. You can have tracking on a package and the customer does not have to sign for it. A signature is only required if there is Insurance on a package or if the seller has paid for Signature Confirmation (which they should ALWAYS do if the purchase is over $250) - that is too bad you have been conned this way - next time - say sorry - for your protection as well as buyers. Best of luck to you - but not sure you are going to like the end result... Sorry :sad:
  14. Will showing a receipt be enough proof as delivery?
  15. since post offices lose things all the time, showing you mailed it does not count as proof it was delivered.