HELP! ink stains on canvas!

  1. anyone knows how to remove these ink-like stains?
    has anybody tried and was successful using baby oil? or any cleanser?
    should i take it to the professional cleaner directly? would they be able to help??

    i have no idea how they got there.. only possiblity i can think of is my liquid eyeliner? cos i noticed the stains after i was done with makeup. i don't use pens at home. sighhh.

    so upset now :sad:

  2. anyone? :help:
  3. I've used alcohol with success on the black patent portion of my novacheck. Of course I tried a TINY bit first, but I've not tried it on the PVC itself. Your spots look super small though, I don't know that I'd try anything for fear of making it worse when they are barely noticeable now.
  4. Try a baby wipe on it first. Should come out easy if it's liquid eyeliner. Have had that happen to me before. Then try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser if the baby wipe doesn't work. Don't get the Magic Eraser on the leather parts of the bag though--just the canvas.
  5. it isn't my eyeliner i realised.. cos the ink faded slightly to blue? i tried using makeup remover and hand sanitiser. it's very slightly faded now. but the ink actually spreaded, forming bigger blobs :sad: still obvious.. sighh!

    where can i get the Mr Clean Magic Eraser? i'm staying in Singapore currently..
  6. How about Tide Stain Remover in the stick form? Give it a try.
  7. I use the Burberry foam cleanser on the coated canvas part of my Nova check. I am assuming you meant coated canvas not canvas. I had my Nova bag since October never a problem till about two weeks ago when I also got ink on mine at the office by accidentally putting the bag on a pen. I rubbed it vigurously with the foam, let is saturate the bag etc. did it several times after fading it now almost completely gone, only I know where it was:smile:)) You gotta do it as soon as you can because once the ink settles in it may not be possible to remove it. If all else fails, take your bag to the Burberry store and have them send it out for cleaning. But I would try their cleaning foam first, after all it is designed for the Novas and it is cheap too around 10 bucks. Best of luck to you.
  8. thanks!!
    but where can i get the burberry foam cleanser? from the boutique?

    anyway i tried using hand sanitiser. works a little, faded the stains. they got larger in size.. but faded :smile: i think i would rather faded larger spots than very black dots. haha :biggrin:
  9. Yes, I get the foam at my local Burberry store. It is best to take your bag there, ask for the foam and/or ask for their professional cleaning services.