HELP! ink stain on my new white patent Rio!!

  1. Hey guys! OMG I need your help! I got this blue marker/ink stain on my WHITE patent Rio and ugh its NOT coming off!! Its RIGHT in front too near the clasp and totally noticable!! I tried using soap and water, Apple care conditioner, Apple care cleaner and none of these worked!! I dont want to ruin the white patent leather ... any suggestions? I know some tpfers try the magic eraser and baby wipes but would it be safe on the patent?

    Thanks so muchhh!!!:sad:
  2. Personally, I would never use the Magic Eraser as it's an abrasive and i can not even begin to imagine what harm that would do to patent. :tdown:

    Honestly, short of sending it off for professional repair, the only thing that I know that works with ink is alcohol. A bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, or a bit of hair spray (again, it's the alcohol that would do the the trick). If that doesn't work, I'd send the bag off to a professional cleaning service.

    With alcohol you mostly have to worry about it removing the color, but with white, not so much. If you're feeling brave, you could try a bit of alcohol in an inconspicuous spot and see if it changes the color of the bag.

    I will say that I once used this method (rubbing alcohol) on a cream leather bag with ink stains and figured what the hell....I had nothing to lose. But it wasn't one of my all time favorite bags in all the land either. The alcohol on a Q-Tip removed the ink in a flash and my leather bag was good as new! :tup:

    So! Weigh the risks before you begin any home treatment (but NO magic eraser!!!) and let us know how it goes!
  3. I would definitely test an inconspicuous spot with the alcohol. Patent leather is plastic coated leather, and I don't know what the alcohol would do to the plastic.
  4. ITA ^^ Alcohol strips the surface on most patent leather. Have you tried a patent leather cleaner? Or stronger cleaner? LMB's cleaner is much stronger than apple's cleaner.

    I have heard of people using hairspray or soft scrub, but I don't know if I would try them.
  5. I too was wondering what the rubbing alcohol would do to the shine on patent. I've read that people use it on everything from handbags to leather furniture to remove even permanent marker with great results, but I'd be verrry careful. Definitely test it first on an unseen area of the bag!

    Like I said, I used it on a cream leather bag (Tylie Malibu) and it worked great. Took out the ink, left the color and my bag was good as new. But TM is hardly JC and again, my bag wasn't patent.
  6. IMO if it were my bag I would take it to a cobbler and see if they have a solution!
  7. I sure hope you can get it off -- keep us posted !

  8. I don't know where you live in CA but I know the most fabulous Master Cobbler in San Jose right near Santana Row and Valley Fair... You can always pm me.........
  9. thanks for all the tips ladies!! i tried the rubbing alcohol...hesitantly of course but I put on a brave face and did it and WHABAM!...nothing happened...the shine of the patent leather seems fine and unharmed but the ink is still there...baahahhhh...this is driving me insane!!! i didnt know that patent leather had its own remover...anyone know where to get one? if not I think I will just get it to a cobbler...but I consider that a last resort and dont know any good ones here in south cali to trust giving my JC over to...

    Hey Bichon Lover...I am in CA but definitely not in San Jose area so that kind of sucks...

    Ill keep trying ladies and keep you updated Im sure other patent lovers could use some tips as well as white handbag carriers...
  10. I did just call "The Master Cobbler" that I use for everything and they said it probably won't come off because it gets embedded into the finish and leather :crybaby: I told them you used alcohol and asked about patent cleaner and their opinion was that it wouldn't work either....

    That doesn't mean they're God and know everything .... I just thought I'd make the call and see what they said, bummer.. I hope you find a miracle :heart:
  11. IMO....if alcohol won't remove the ink....nothing will. I did the same thing with my lowly Tylie, I tried everything that was considered "safe" to remove the ink and nothing worked. I tried the alcohol as a last resort and because I didn't plan on using the bag much longer anyway as I was pretty much over that particular bag, so I figured I had nothing to lose! The alcohol worked in SECONDS! I dabbed it on, the ink came off on the Q-Tip....30 seconds later not a speck of ink and the bag was good as new. I was actually totally surprised that it worked without damaging the bag.

    I am SO sorry it didn't work for the bag hopeless or can it still be used? :s

    I don't even trust myself to buy pricey bags in cream (hence the TM!), but white? Forget it! It would be a mess in a matter of days! :p
  12. SIGH...THANKS a million Bichon Lover and Stinkerbelle!!! I guess I will just have to be extra careful from now on...It IS still wearable but its also definitely noticable because the ink is like a blue/black color...I tried to hide it by getting it to "runche" right so it does hide it a little because the leather does that folding thing so it looks like a shadow now...oh wells...thanks again for all your help ladies!! Ill just have to wear it with more style and hope the light catches the leather the right way all the time hahaha:yes:
  13. The only other way that I know to remove it-- but you have to be extremely careful-- is to use nail polish remover. I did this with a white bag once. It removes the gloss, but got the stain out. So I guess it depends on what you can live with more. I used the blue painters tape and taped the heck out of the area surrounding it. Then dabbed a q-tip in the nail polish remover, rubbed it on the spot, immediately wiped it off with water. After I removed the stain, I treated it with leather conditioner. That didn't restore the gloss so then I used a clear gloss paint and restored it.

    The other option is to cover the ink with white fabric paint and then put a gloss over it. I love to play doctor with bags and have used crazy - a** methods, but they work.
  14. I agree with you Lionlaw. If it were my bag I'd try just about anything at this point since IMO if the ink is noticeable that to me would look worse and bother me more than a slightly less glossy finish in one small spot. GREAT tip on the painter's tape too....I'm impressed! :tup:

    Just one note....whether it's rubbing alcohol, hairspray, nail polish, all has alcohol in it and that's what's doing the trick. So don't be too surprised if the nail polish doesn't work if the rubbing alcohol didn't. I could be wrong though....God knows there's a first time for everything! ;)
  15. I was thinking the paint thing too....Use a fine artists brush and some white paint, maybe metalic.. the best match possible. You'de be surprised at how knowledgable some of the people who work at the good craft stores are and they could advise you as to which paint will have the most staying power on the patent finish. Good luck!