Help!!! Ingrown hairs

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  1. hey guys, I just started waxing/plucking and im getting some ingrown do i get rid of it and also prevent them from coming up???
  2. I found "Tend Skin" to work. I apply it after a bikini wax.
  3. I get them too. The lady who does my waxing says to exfoliate the day before I come but I always forget. She also suggests applying ice because I have sensitive skin and when I remember this seems to help some with the ingrown hairs believe it or not.
  4. I second the tend skin- its expensive, but totally worth it
  5. Tend Skin works well, but I really like Min Solution 2 bc it is a rollerball applicator. Exfoliating helps a lot, and if you do find an ingrown I have found that putting Clearasil on it works pretty well. Above all DO NOT pick at them, this seems to make them worse and can cause scarring
  6. I use PFB, which is like Tend Skin, but with a roller applicator. I hated wasting Tend Skin on a cotton pad everyday. I also exfoliate with St. Ives apricot scrub once or twice per week.
  7. I also use Tend Skin too and the ingrowns just pop right up! My aethestician also advised to use it BEFORE coming into a bikini wax appointment. Just swab the entire area you're going to get waxed before you go into the salon...

    It's pricey, but a little goes a long way and when you get a painful ingrown, it's worth every penny!
  8. okay- I was doing brazilian waxing for about 6 mos and stopped. I did really like it, but I decided to take a break during the hot summer and save myself $$$. Now, up top where the forest grew back in I'm full of hard itchy bumps. I'm dying over here! Seriously, I'm tempted to go back to waxing, but then I will see all the bumps/ingrowns. I exfoliate there during every shower and it hasn't cleared up. Should I pony up for the Tend Skin and do you think it will help me? God, this is so emabarrassing!