Help!! Infini and Grand similar

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  1. I recently purchased a Vernis Alma in Grand Blue. The color has a beautiful shimmering to the blue, it is just gorgeous!! I really really love it.

    As much as I love Alma, I love speedy as well, especially in Empreinte.
    I do love the color of "infini" and thinking of getting the deep blue beauty before it get discontinued.
    Do you think having a two blue bags is too much blue? Are they too similar color? Should I get Aube (purple) instead?
    (I have a Vernis Brea in Rouge Fauviste which has kind of pink purpleish color. )

    One of LV boutique is actually holding a infini for me until tomorrow. I need to make a quick decision by tomorrow!!
    I will really appreciate your advice!! Thank you!

    P.S. I know...I actually should be in the BAN Island....
  2. I say go with your initial choice and get infini. It's gorgeous and soon to be discontinued as you say, so there is room for regret if you don't purchase it now. Plus, the colour obviously works well for you and your lifestyle. Two totally different bags that serve different purpose - I vote yes! Get the infini :smile:
  3. I think those are two different blues - grand blue is quite vibrant, infini is almost black. I have infini speedy and aube artsy - I love infini color so much more than aube, especially with the gold hardware. I am not a person who has multiple items in the same color/patern, but even I think those two blues are completely different. Hope that helps :smile:
  4. Thank you for your reply. You are so right. ......Different bags that serve different purpose...
    I will probably going to use infini for everyday and keep my Grand Blue for more dressy going out.
    So, I will stick with original plan "A". Infini......

    4 more hours until the LV store opens. I hope the infini is "made in France" :smile:
  5. The colors are quite different, and so are the functions of these two bags. I do not think having both in your collection would be redundant or disappointing for you.
  6. i also agree with the above go and get ur speedy in infini such a beautiful gorgeous bag that u wont regret
  7. Not too similar at all. I'd go with Infini, it's a gorgeous color.
  8. I agree its an absolutely stunning color! Im sure you will love it!
  9. I am so glad to hear that you like infini more than Aube. Aube is pretty color too, but I really love the infini deep deep blue. The only reason I was getting a second thought, bcz of my recent purchase of Grand blue. (Just completely confused)
    I am heading to the boutique in 2 hours!!
    Thank u for your advise and support!
  10. IMG, I saw your modeling pictuer with your infini 30. You always wear your bags so beautifully!! ( Btw, I bought a odeon because of your modeling picture too!!)
    Thank you for your advise! I think I will get infini color :smile:
  11. Thank you everyone for your advise.
    I am extremely excited. Now I have to some how figure out how to post my pics on the forum. I used be able to, but I forgot how to do it! :P
  12. Awww, thank you!! I love my Odeon so much! I'm using it today actually, because it has been a day of non-stop errands!
  13. I agree these colors are not too similar to have in one collection. And the are both gorgeous to boot!' I say go for the infini!!
  14. Are you getting it in the 30 size? Hope they still have it, apparently in the Canadian website, the Infini in size 25 is already sold out... :tdown:
  15. Very different blues. I would say go for the inifini!