[Help!] Inferno Gioco or Buon Viaggio???

  1. well what can i say, i'm very indecisive and cant seem to stick to one thing... i was planning on buying a Inferno BV this week so i can take it on vacation with me but then i saw pictures of the gioco floating around and thought it looked cute too :crybaby:

    should i wait and buy a gioco? or get the BV?
    between the two which do you girls prefer? why?

    thanks :heart:
  2. I like the Buon Viaggio better because it holds more of a definite shape and it shows off the print better.
  3. something about the gioco style is weird to me i definitely love my bv
  4. I love my BV as well I can fit a lot of stuff in it and it hangs nicely under my arm. I think the shape is more practical as well, especially since you want to take it on a trip.
  5. I *adore* my Inferno Gioco (and my citta gioco!). It's my favorite bag that I own and I carry it literally every day right now.... The shape is awesome and looks so cute on-- also, you generally have really good luck with placement on giocos because there is so much fabric to display it on... I have every character I wanted except the vampire bunnies in love. I have the regular vampire bunnies though..and I have about four of them on the bag! And lots of ipod girls. Gioco is a really amazing bag, IMO.. hope that helps! :smile:
  6. my only concern with the gioco is how do you open it without putting it down somewhere o_o;;
  7. I :heart: the gioco...BV is too totey for me. If I have nowhere to sit it down to open it, I just throw one handle off my shoulder and let it hang down and dig in there...it works! :idea:
  8. when you fill the gioco up with stuff does it get lumpy/bulky/uncomfortable to wear?

    so between the two the BV holds its shape better?
  9. I have a gioco and I do love it but if you're planning on using a bag for a trip I think that a BV would be much more practical. Plus, it's true that it shows off the print better than a gioco.

    yesterday I saw a woman with an inferno BV and it did look very nice and like it could hold quite a bit and def. holds its shape better than a gioco.
  10. I'm HOPING my Inferno Gioco comes in the mail today - it will be my first Gioco - so I'll let you know! :smile:

  11. please do ^__^!
  12. i have both, and i like the BV better. the gioco looks pretty, and really isn't that bad, but in comparison, it's easier to use. the gioco can be awkward if you're trying to find something in it and can't put it down. You can fit a notebook or magazine in the gioco but it makes it kinda wierd to hold, and if it's really stuffed, the outside strap tends to fall off my shoulder.

    plus BV holds alot, and displays the print nicely, and it has those sweet outside pockets which are awesome for water bottles or cell phones or whatev
  13. Wow xkaokaox...that's a really cute inferno :tup:
  14. Ooooohhhh!! I say get it definitely. :tup: