Help...Indigo Crazy!

  1. :confused1: I was called last night about an Indigo Fjord 35cm Kelly Supple (sorry I still refer to the structure as supple/rigide...can't get used to the new names) w/palladium hw that I absolutely forgot about. Should I take it? I recently bought last June a Black Vache Ligee 35cm Kelly Supple w/gold hw that I haven't used yet.
    As some of you might know I've been giong crazy about an Indigo 31cm Fjord Bolide w/palladium hw...oh what to do??
    The Indigo Kelly is on a 48hr hold.
    I have a black box Bolide 31cm with gold hw which I've been using so much (like everyday since September while my other bags are sitting in my closet) and this Indigo thing is driving me crazy!:hysteric:
    I'm really into this Indigo/Black french look, although I could wear my black bags with navy clothing. All my clothing now is 95% black.
    Indigo Kelly?:graucho:
    Indigo Bolide?:rolleyes:
    Forget it and save the money?:push:
  2. Indigo Kelly sounds fabulous!!
  3. Indigo kelly, lovehermes! U can always get a bolide but a kelly in indigo color, u must get it! opportunity don't always come kncking on your doors.:yes:

    btw, how come black/indigo is a french thing? french ppl love all sorts of colors. black is naturally everyone's favorite color + many look gd in black. but it's never a french thingy.;)
  4. Thanks Nola and Dior24!
    Dior...I've heard that the French combine unlikely colors like navy and black...maybe I'm wrong? I just think it looks chic.
  5. Indigo is a BEAUTIFUL color! Ever since I saw shoes319's indigo Bolide, I felt in love with that color~!

    I think indigo Kelly would be AMAZING to have! If you love Kelly in general, then go for it!!!! I can't imagine how beautiful it would be!:heart: INDIGO KELLY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:

    ps. I forgot to mention...As dior24 said, you can get Bolide anytime later on, but you never know when you will be able to get a chance to buy indigo Kelly know what I mean..?
  6. Oh dear, Fjord is amazing, and Indigo--TDF---I'd go for it--are you okay with the 35cm size? I think in the souple it will be perfect.
  7. oh thanks aspenmartial and orchids...would you wear Indigo with black?
    Would I need to buy Indigo shoes?
  8. GO FOR IT!! I love Kelly 35 and in Indigo?:yes: and in Fjord??:yahoo:
  9. Oh...please don't forget to let us know your decision! (I would be so sad :crybaby: if you decided to let go of indigo Kelly ...) I just love the look of Kelly on other people how classy they look.

    I wish I can get along with Kelly:s :sad: ...closing flap each time I open Kelly and those two straps drive me nuts..:push: But Kelly is INDEED beautiful and elegant bag!:heart:

    (I am waiting for INDIGO KELLY to come to lovehermes' arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho: )
  10. Certainly!!! Indigo would go with everything. I saw indigo in ostrich Birkin(I didn't like indigo in ostrich, because dots(? follicles?) were not visible with dark color like indigo, but color was so beautiful) and croc. Birkin in indigo in real life. And I saw some pictures of indigo on other leather (like VL leather from shoes319 Bolide picture, and indigo Birkin pictures from internet). You can't go wrong with indigo!

    You can wear plain black shoes (or any shoes) with indigo reason to buy indigo shoes to match with unless you want to do it that way IMO...
  11. You don't need to buy Indigo shoes (unless of course, you'd like to add a pair of indigo shoes--hee hee); the bag should just compliment your clothing, so as long as you're wearing clothing that goes with Indigo (which is pretty much everything IMO), I think you're in good shape. I think Indigo is fine with black, although I am very particular that way--I like my blues with greys, tans, whites, and other colors to show off the color of the bag more, KWIM?
  12. I think an Indigo Kelly would be gorgeous, LH. You could wear that bag with just about everything and in all seasons. I don't see Indigo in Kelly's very much at all so I think if you love the color and Kelly's in general, I'd say go for it.
  13. Thanks! I love Bolides too!:love:
  14. Could not let that indigo kelly go...sounds gorgeous!
  15. ^^oh Hermes gurus are no help whatsoever!
    I need to save my money...oh, what to do????