*HELP* Inclusion jewelry scratch fix and prevention!

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  1. help! my beige inclusion ring has SCRATCHES! i try to be careful with it, but i often forget its there, and i scratch it!!!! how do i get rid of them! and prevent them!!! i really love my old ring, and i dont want a new one.
  2. Maybe you can bring it to the store, see if they can polish it somehow?
  3. honestly i don't think there's a way to prevent or fix it....

    my ring does have scratches too but it's even worse with the cell strap!!

    cuz the inclusion cubes rubs against the golden chain that attaches them together and u know resin vs hardware.....the scratches are horrible!!!

    but i'm over it now....it happens!!

    the only way to prevent scratches is to keep it in the box!!! haha :smile:
  4. because i knew its going to be scratches, i haven't buy any of the inclusion stuffs
  5. i heard a nail buffer would work, or is that not good?
  6. Jewelers may be able to buff out the scratches.
  7. I wouldn't try a nail buffer. Since it's made of resin, you may just scratch the surface even more. I don't think there is anything you can do to prevent scratching inclusion pieces...other than not using them. Like Ammietwist said, if you bring it to a jeweler, you could ask if there's anything they can do to polish it...but then again, I doubt jewelers deal with plastic jewelry very often, so even they may not know what to do. (I'd personally just leave it. A piece of jewelry is meant to be worn. My D&G leather and crystal bracelet/watch is showing immense signs of wear and it was more expensive than the inclusion bracelet, but I still wear it almost every day)
  8. just leave it really, unless the boutique SA do it professionally ... most of my accessories have scratches nowdays, get used to it, though pain to see what i spent on like that
  9. I almost freaked out when I found out I scratched my clear inclusion...FIRST day of wearing it...but then sucked it up. Oh well!
  10. try go to boutique, said that u found a scratch ... not u scratch them ... if u said u did it, they pretty much said .. "sorry, we cant ..." :love: :sweatdrop:
  11. You can't really get it out, it's made out of plastic (apparantly "resin" is a nicer name as an alternative to "plastic") and once it scratches well there's nothing you can do about it :sad:
  12. I accidently banged my Inclusion bracelet against the metal railing on my mom's SUV and there is a rather large scuff mark on it. I don't really mind though because to me, that's normal wear & tear and it's only visible if you look really closely at it.
  13. :confused1:

    I wouldn't lie to the boutique about the bracelet being scratched so I can get a new one...if it's not a light surface scratch, I'm sure they won't believe that the bracelet was scratched severely and you didn't notice right away after you bought it...:shrugs: