Help.... In What Order???

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  1. On Friday I received my cute little Mini Noe from Eluxury. After recently seeing them with the cowhide strap.. I just had to have one. ( thanks BagFetish and joann121270 :yes:) Well, I take it out, set it down and immediately get it dirty. Not a lot. Just a couple of little marks on the bottom. :crybaby:I just got the Applegard water/stain repellant, the cleaner and the leather care in the mail today. In what order do I go about the vachetta leather protection process? I looked through all of the threads in the FAQ's and I couldn't find an answer there. Nothing that tells me the order. At least, not that I could find.
    So, what do I do first? Clean off the dirt with the cleaner? I think that I read that the cleaner is only AFTER you spray it.:confused1: Does the conditioner/leather care remove dirt?
    Help me, please.. :crybaby:I don't want to mess it up.:shrugs: It's my first Mono piece. Thanks so much.:heart:
  2. Congrats on your new mini noe. I really can't answer your question about the bottom. I ususally don't put anything on my bags. I'm just careful of where I put them down.
  3. You only need to use the repellant on new vachetta.
  4. im pretty sure you only spray the repellant. i don't think you're supposed to used the cleaner on new vachetta.
  5. Thanks all. I am dying to use it. :P
  6. Congrat's on the mini noe..
  7. thanks, again.. Joann and Bag Fetish.. :tender: I know that I will love my noe. :heart:
  8. Congrats on the new bag, sorry I am not more help with the stain guard.
  9. Just be careful about where you place it.....Congratulations!

  10. :shame: Thanks ...
  11. Congrats on the mini noe- sorry about the dirt. Don't worry too much about it- it adds character!

  12. Yes, you are right. I won't even try to get it off.
    Thanks for making me feel better Blew. :smile:
  13. Just so everyone knows... the leather care conditoner does take dirt off. When I went to condition my noe.. there was hardly any "dirt" on there. The tiny bit that was on there came off with the apple guard conditioner.:yahoo: It has been sprayed with the water and stain repellant and is drying. Thanks everyone for your help and comments.:heart:
  14. me too. i also have a noe, and i NEVER put it on the floor, regardless of what kind of floor it is.
  15. Well, actually what I did was sit it on my kitchen counter and tied the bow a couple of times. I guess there was dust, or something on there that got it a little dirty. Of course, I thought it was all over, when I looked at it tonight, there was barely anything visible. I would never set it on the floor, either. I take excellent care of my bags. They are always on my lap, or have their own chair. This was a total fluke. But now, it is perfect, again. :smile::yahoo: