Help in Tracy Medium Zip!

  1. Just bought a Tracy Medium Zip in color Whiskey at, but there is something strange about the bag. The color of the front pocket is signigicantly different from the rest part of the bag. It's much lighter and easy to tell. I am wondering this bag is authentic or a defective one.

    Here is the NM site photo:

    Here are photos of the bag I received:

    Any comment or suggestion is helpful!
  2. I'm sorry, Kiwii, but for some reason i cannot open your pics on my computer.....
    i have this Tracy, and the color is totally uniform throughout the whole bag...
    i seriously doubt that the bag from NM is fake, but then it is a real shame that they would send you a defective one like that.... I would def. try calling NM and see what they have to say...
    so sorry it has hapenned to you:sad:
  3. Kiwii- I know that feeling of expecting a perfect bag- definitely call them- if you bought it on sale they will say they do not have anymore of this bag in stock to replace it but if you would like to keep it they will give you 10% back
  4. The leather on the pocket could be softer (or different from the body) and therefore absorbs the dye differently. Honestly the color variation does not bother me?

    When you look in the mirror, carrying the bag does the difference really grab your eye?

  5. thanks UliUli for letting me know your same bag. it's the first time i used yahoo photos so i didn't know to set them open to public. now i fixed the problem. could you have a look again? thanks for being so nice and helpful to me :heart:

  6. wow, good to know. thank you so much. if it's some stain s, i would be ok. but if it's fake or defective... :crybaby:

  7. thank you susieserb. the color difference is very obvious and my boyfriend said what's wrong with the bag when i showed him. :noggin:
  8. Kiwii, i looked at you pics. I actually LIKE the way your bag is :yes: .
    The color on the pocket is lighter, but it is uniform throught the whole pocket, and the contrast is not stark. So if I didn't know different i would think that this is how it is supposed to be.
    I would call NM and try for an extra 10% like the girls here suggested, but I would keep the bag. It is very pretty like it is!! (and functional!:p ) .
    Give yourself a bit time, see how you feel and let us know what you decide!
  9. I have this bag in large and the colours are the same as yours, a different shade in different parts of the bag.
  10. I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be a two tone bag and I think it looks cool! Others in the same style are all over one color.