Help in storing crocs in humid weather?

  1. Hi, I have a croc kelly that I don't use out often and it is stored inside my closet most of the time. But everytime I take it out I find white smudges inside of the bag, these can be removed by wiping with a cloth but I am worried more about the skin:girlsigh: . I live in year round humid weather, my SA told me some of their customers store their crocs in air conditioned rooms year round. I definitely can't afford to do that! Anyone have any tips on storing and if they know if the skin will suffer due to the weather? thanx!:P
    Also, the gold hardware will turn bluish after a while. I was told this can't be prevented, it's oxidation. Hermes will polish it and it does return to its original gold but its a drag cos they send it to Paris to do it.....and it takes too long. Anyone have the same experience?
  2. ehww the white smudges sound like mold :wtf:
    there is no way when living in humidity year round and having crocs to get an aircon. can´t you get only that one room airconditioned? maybe with one of these portable aircons? i am so sorry but there is no other way leather and esepecially croc hate humidity and heat .
    but i never ever heard about not experienced that bluish sheen on the hardware sorry so no hepl there
  3. Yikes. Have you asked your SA what it is?
  4. Oh Lordy....Crocs HATE humidity and I agree with Lilach....sounds like mould....where do you live, if you don't mind my asking? Maybe we can brain storm on what to do if we knew a little more info....especially if airconditioning is out of the question.....
  5. If you cannot turn on the A/C of your house year round, here's something else to consider. Don't laugh, I'm perfectly serious.

    I'm assuming you live in Asia since the climate there can be hot and humid at times (or all the time depending where in Asia). The electricity bill can get pretty high during those times. What you may want to consider investing is getting a doggy air-conditioning house. Yes, an aircon house for dogs. It's the size of a tent and you just plug it in. If you leave the A/C on in the tent 24/7, your monthly bill will cost about 1/7 of what it'd cost you to leave the A/C on 24/7 in your house. A tent like that can fit quite a lot of H boxes and bags. They're selling them in Hongkong right now.

    I'm serious. It's an option I would consider if I don't want to leave A/C on 24/7.
  6. what about using these silica gel packages that absob humidity? maybe that is an solution
  7. This is exactly what I was going to recommend. Just remember to change the packages every 3-4 months.
  8. ^ hmmm... that would work for mold inside, but what about outside?
  9. I wish I had this problem......
  10. Yes the Silica Gel packets would work well for that.
  11. Honestly, I live where it is really humid...and my a.c. bill is steep, but...can you find the coolest place in your home...wherever it may be and think about not storing it in its sleeper and box?

    Leave it in the open maybe lying on its side in the box. I have found the more you keep things closed up in humid climates the more the mold and nasty stuff appear. You may have to dust it a little, but at least the bag will breathe and it may have a better chance
  12. When I lived in a clammy stone house under a canopy of trees in upstate NY, I'd just buy a large can of silica gel for each closet every spring and leave it open on a shelf through the end of September. (Winters were dry.) If it had been humid year round, I would have just changed cans every 4-6 months.

    Of course, I didn't do this the first year and ended up wrecking a wardrobe of clothes. But it worked well the subsequent years, although more than anything, vigiliance is key.
  13. wow...thanx for all the advice....really appreciate hearing from all of you!! I store my bags in Singapore....and I do shuttle between Indonesia and Singapore quite a bit but that doesn't help cos Indonesia is equally humid...I tried the silica gel but it doesnt seem to help me much but it could be cos I never tried replacing it every few months....hmm....I am going to try now and also find a cooler place for the bag, I guess.
    The Aircon doghouse sounds interesting and cute but I think the electricity bill will still kill me. I am really worried about the skin drying out or I don't know what will happen to it in the long looks ok now but I have no idea how to make it keep its form for long long time....and I plan to have the bag in good condition for a long long time....oh well.....sigh.....
  14. Oh Miete....these bags are such treasures and I wish we had some sure-fire suggestions for you. Here we have something called DampRid (probably a form of Silica gel...) that comes in packets and plastic jars. You open the top of the big jar and pour the crystals inside the upper part and place the jar inside the closet or wherever you have moisture in the air. After a while you'll see water in the bottom of the jar that you pour out and replace the crystals in the top with more. I've used these with great success in all my closets and under the beds . I don't know how it'll do with your Croc but it might be worth a try. Here's the website: D A M P R I D - The Original Non-Electric Moisture Absorber
  15. Amazing for me read about the humidity problem. Down in So Cal it is pretty dry and worry about the opposite problem of skins drying out!:sad:

    Interesting about humidity and croc considering they spent most of their time in the water when alive.:graucho:

    I periodically go thru the closet and use moisturizing cream on shoes and bags. Seems to work.:flowers: