help! in search of the perfect everyday shoulder bag...

  1. I'm having no luck finding the perfect everyday shoulder bag....I want something that won't look too big on me, but at the same time will be able to fit a lot of stuff....I'm 5'3", 120 lbs, noodle arms...and I don't have a lv boutique or store near me. :crybaby: I want a bag that'll look cute with jeans or dressed up at the office. Price isn't an option if I can find the right bag :nuts:

    throw some ideas my way! :biggrin:
  2. Welcome to the forum!
    It depends a bit if you want a structured or not structured bag, one with vachetta or a caefree bag. So here are some ideas:
    Hampstead: damier pattern, caefree, different sizes but closed with a hook
    Noe: comes in different materials, two sizes, a classic, unstructured
    Batignolle: vertical or horizontal, problem, closed with a hook
    Saleya: medium or gm, damier or azur, zipper closed, very carefree. There are tons of other designs!
    New designs are the Trevi, the Tivoli...just do a search with the names and you will find tons of information e.g. in the visual aides thread or in the clubhouse. There is a search function for individual threads or for the whole forum! Enjoy, looking for a bag is thrilling!:smile:
  3. lockit verti or horizon :tup:
  4. bh
  5. Saleya PM
    *Popincourt Haut
    Hampstead MM

    *my pick!
  6. I love my mezzo, it is big, but I like it that I can fit a lot in in, or a little and have extra squish room. There is a smaller size too. I find this is the bag I always go back to, so comfy, great for casual or dressed up.
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum! ;)

    What about the following ideas?
    Monogram: Neverfull pm/mm, Batignolles (regular or horizontal), Popincourt Haut, Noè
    Damier: Hampstead, Saleya
    Epi: Passy, Noè
  8. Popincourt Haut, Cabas Piano, Batignolles Horizontal....
  9. Batignolles h or v. Cabas piano or mezzo. Popincourt haut. or you can wait till November 1 for the new palmero(sp?)
  10. Lockit Horizontal or Petit Noe!
  11. i have the Popincourt Haut and Batignolles Horizontal, and they're both great shoulder bags. very comfortable and roomy
  12. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the multicolore Boulogne....either color, that bag is so gorgeous!!! :smile:
  13. My favorite shoulder bag is the Beverly MM by far. Not a fan of the BH or PH love the classy yet simply appeal of the Beverly. :tup:
  14. My by far fave everyday shoulder bag is the Mono Mussette Tango...perfect size, can go across chest or just over shoulder and is just right.
  15. ok- for the mono line:
    lockit horizontal
    neverfull mm or gm


    suhali is too heavy (imo)
    damier has similar styles to mono
    vernis is not very good for everyday use

    um, thats it. good luck!