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  1. I'm looking for a marvelous line of bags... :love: to know models & so: they are in a material like mini-lin but color "caramel" (light brown) and with the cream color leader and two bands with a little logo as painted....:confused1: .
    Please... help me...:yes: .
    I'm sad 'cause I'm worried to don't find them no more...:crybaby:
    Thank you.
  2. Not exactly.
    I mean a bag caramel colour, white cream color leather, without ropes... the lv paints are very similar.
    Thank you.
  3. That bag is from the same range ...the only place to look now is ebay;)
  4. Someone knows where I can find more? (models, colours...) thank you.
    :heart: Stephanie.
  5. Like said above, Ebay.
  6. The bag in the auction shalomjude posted, the Isfahan, along with the Amman, a messenger type bag with ropes, are the only two bags I can think of with the 2 painted lines... :s
  7. good luck hunting :smile:
  8. Thank you...:yes:
    it's an hard work!:ninja:
    :heart: Stephanie.