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  1. Hello all,
    I was enquiring on purchasing a birken bag. And i was wondering what is a going price for them? I live in Las vegas and there is a store here, but they are not that very friendly. When i decide... i want to just walk in and know what i want to buy....thanks
  2. bring lots of this > $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ with you when you go back.

    they are quite expensive. some members here own a few. hope you're sitting down when they tell you how much.
  3. Birkins start around $7000 depending on the size and the materials. I think the mini (25cm) size starts around $5000 though. Good luck with the purchase!
  5. I have encountered this myself at two different boutiques. My only advice is continue to go in once here and there and spend a bit of time with the SA. (Try to find one that you enjoy speaking with) Look at the books and see the skins and colors etc. Try and build a little realtionship. If you choose not to go that way, then I would do the "confident, direct, and sweet way". If you are younger, do not let them see your youth. Come in more confident and knowing what you want...let them see a serious and strong female.

    In Las Vegas, they were nice to me, but I do get the impression that they are scanning you up and down to see if you have the big dollars to spend. Don't let that scare you off. Be persistent...birkinbaby was and she landed her dream bag!
  6. I agree, polite confidence is a big part of it. And it helps a lot to have a little propduct knowledge. Know your leathers and colors and they'll see that you're a true "brand" enthusiast! Good luck!!
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