Help!!! in placing an order!!

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  1. I'm a SATM although I think that excuse is wearing rather thin since my son is now 10!

    I know what you mean though - it's just something a bit more chic and edgy than the norm. :yes:
  2. ^^ I used my IYT for a long weekend to France recently, and it was perfect for that... truly a flexible and versatile bag, whether for work, every day, leisure or travel. Official member of the IYT fan club :wondering
  3. It can carry a heck of a lot and I agree, very versatile!:yes:
  4. Same for me today.
  5. Contessa, your a riot. Thanks for making me laugh when I just read this post!!!:tup:
  6. Which Gin are we drinking tonight?? Bombay?? Or Dirty Harry???
  7. Neither! The Bombay Sapphire is long gone and The Dirty Harry gin has been banished to the back of the cupboard for Health and Safety reasons ... :P
  8. Sorry to hear that. ;)
  9. The leather sample I have for Petrol has a sheen to it, but it's not super glossy like the grey - I think it's perfect for that color! Aside from the Crash colors, it's my favorite color at BE!

    Now do I get cake?????
  10. Thanks Suzzeee ..yes you do...and drinks :drinkup: