Help!!! in placing an order!!

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  1. Can anyone tell me the discount code for free shipping please? :smile:
  2. shipme - pretty sure that's it!
  3. Thanks alot CB :smile:
  4. :cutesy: ... does that mean I can have some of that nyummy choccy cake?:nuts: Tee, hee!!
  5. Haha...must get a new avatar ...CB's keybord is can't take anymore drool :drool::roflmfao:
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao: :P ... you know it's true ...!!
  7. Forget the cake, what the heck are you ordering?????!!!!!!!

    Figures that CB would steer this off topic.....sheesh!
  8. How about a spider? ...does that make you drool? :P

    One more black glossy Hug Me ...can't get enough :roflmfao: It's for a friend :smile:
  9. Anyone know if Make Me smile in petrol is a glossy petrol?
  10. Hi Cilifene - I don't think it is glossy as in the dark grey glossy, I have a petrol IYT which does have a sheen on it, but I wouldn't say it was real glossy.
  11. I'm glad Cilifene answered this, because I was about to answer 'Make mine a G&T please'!:nuts:

    Luckily my little grey cells suddenly burst into action, before I made a complete a** of myself!:P
  12. Oooh! A bag twin! I too have this bag (IYT in petrol) and agree - a definite sheen but not overly glossy.

    I suppose it all depends though as to whether Jackie is using the same sort of leather?:shrugs:
  13. Thanks Tarantino :smile:
    I like the petrol to have a sheen - mat choco and grey are nice though...
  14. Cornflower Blue - I use my IYT every day at work... I love the petrol colour, it's smart and sophisticated but also adds some personality rather than the normal black work bag - you know what I mean...

    Do you use yours for work?
  15. Cilifene - when you've made your mind up on what colour to order, if you just mention you're on TPF you will get free shipping - well at least this worked for me.