Help in picking a tano bag

  1. I'm looking to get a new tano. I like both, but want some please. I especially like the price on the first. What do you think? The first one is the Opera Queen / second boogie bucket ( I really like the boogie in the wine color better than black the black to me looks kind of plain.)

  2. boogie woogie :happydance:
  3. Boogie on..:jammin:
  4. I like the boogie! I almost bought it in a different color. I like the wine, though. Good for fall, and you could wear it with black or brown. The black one just looks sort of blah to me...
  5. I have the black Boogie Bucket and in real life it's nothing close to blah...

    Having said that...the wine is AMAZING! I would totally get the Boogie in wine.
  6. I vote for the 2nd one!
  7. Definitely Boogie bucket. That is one of my favorite styles.
  8. Definitely the boogie. I think it is stunning in the wine. I am coveting it myself!
  9. i like the 2nd one
  10. WOW- Ii have to say I have NEVER seen worse pictures of Tano bags in my life! But I would definitely go with the wine boogie. If you can find one.
  11. Boogie bucket. Another member has a beautiful wine boogie bucket. Go for it!
  12. Boogie!!!
  13. Boogie Boogie!
  14. boogie wine! I'm loving mine. I had posted my pics on a tano post if you wanted to see real life pics. It is wearing beautifully and is one of my fav bags. You can carry so much in it and it's very comfortable and matches alot of clothes. I had always been the dull bag color type of person but wine is simply divine! lol