*HELP!* In need of a long strapped purse!

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  1. Everyone seems so helpful in this forum.. care to lend your expertise pls?? I am looking for a smaller sized LV with a long strap that I can sling diagonally. I'm headed to SF in October and figured this is a good excuse :idea: to get my greedy hands on a Damier Sophie or something else to use as my easy, get-up-and-go bag. I'm hoing to fit a slim digi cam, cell phone, lip gloss & $. Any suggestions?? I'm leaning heavily toward Sophie.. Is it even available for my greedy hands?
  2. i don't know if the Damier Sophie is still available in stores, because i put my name on the list for it and never got it :crybaby:. you could consider the Musette Salsa in Damier or Monogram. i have the Monogram one and i love it; it's very convenient and not so big that it swings into everything and everyone
  3. musette tango!!!! i have one in damier.....i love it!
  4. I just got a tambourin and it holds all that you mention. Love it.
  5. oh i forgot to mentnion......

    Sophie is cute and i get so many compliments on it....but it isn't really practical --- at least i think so....it doesn't fit that much. (i have a pic of how much it holds @ what's in your LV bag thred! sorry, can't find it, i gotta feed the fam!!! =)

    i'm saying this again..... TANGO!!!
  6. I like my Bosphore Pochette and my Spontini for over the shoulder easy to use casual bags.
  7. I got a Trocadero 27 and it does the trick!
  8. I bought a strap for my pochette accessories and it works great as a sling bag :biggrin:
  9. i would go for the musette or you can use a pochette accessoires and purchase a long vachetta strap for it...that might be the least expensive option!
  10. I'd go for the musette salsa in mono or damier.
  11. Trocadero 27 is fab.
  12. love this bag: the mini lin saumur:

  13. I personally prefer cross-body bags. I use a Pochette Bosphore or a Denim Baggy PM (with long strap) both for everyday use and also when traveling.

    They are both comfortable to use. I can fit a wallet, coin purse, cell phone and keys inside the Pochette Bosphore. There is also a pocket outside for easy to pull items. The Denim Baggy PM will carry a lot more.
  14. [​IMG]
    This is the camera bag in the denim line! It is ADORABLE on! It is a great size, not too big or small.